Bras and Clothing

So lately I’ve been thinking about the effects of different bras under clothing. Specifically, I went shopping on Saturday to use some coupons and a gift card I had and picked up some new jeans, some shirts and a dress. Naturally, I was excited about my new clothing and wanted to wear some of it while I was out running errands yesterday. I put on my new jeans, my new Doctor Who t-shirt (yep….), and got ready to put on shoes. Before I left, I caught myself in the mirror and was like… “Wow… I look really fumpy.” I was wearing my Elomi Hermione bra under my t-shirt. It looked like I had NO waist line at all. I felt kind of bad, but I was headed out the door and didn’t have time to change. That and I was just running to Wal-Mart and Meijer – nowhere special.

As I’ve lost weight, I’ve really only lost the weight in my natural waist line and my legs. I have lost a few inches off of my tummy, but that and my boobs are where I carry most of my weight, so I see less changes over time. For this reason, it’s really important to me that I be able to see my waist and show off my progress.

It got me thinking….how do the different bras I own compare? I put on a simple cotton stretch cami and popped on a handful of bras to show you all what the differences in bras really look like under clothing. On each photo, I’ve included guidelines.

  • The dark white lines show my natural waist line, and the natural line that occurs from the crease of my arms down. 
  • The white/black dashed line shows the bottom of my breasts in each bra
  • For reference is me completely without a bra on, followed by a bra in a bad size for comparison.
  • Sorry that the waist lines don’t line up completely from photo to photo. Ah camera zoom….but you get the picture 🙂
  • The photos really speak for themselves. The benefits of wearing a bra are many, and not limited to the impact they have on your shape! 🙂
  • Click on each photo to see it in a larger view
Front of Bras Collage

No bra, LB Cotton Balconette 42H, Elomi Abi 40J, CK Angel 40JJ, EM PL Stalowka 40J

side boobs collage

Not only do the photos show off the differences in lift, but also in overall shape.

  • I get the best lift + shape in the EM PL Stalowka
  • The CK Angel lift is pretty good, but the shape is slightly pointy
  • The Elomi Abi doesn’t give the greatest lift, and the shape is pretty wide
  • The LB bra obviously doesn’t fit and doesn’t give great lift, but the shape is nice from the side, for the most part
  • Without a bra on, I kind of look like a blob, and a good 10-15 pounds heavier 😦

It’s true that the right bra can make you instantly look 10 pounds slimmer, as shown here. Obviously there are times when it’s totally okay for me to wear a bra that doesn’t have as much lift as the Stalowka. In fact, I typically wear my Abi, Hermione and Andorra (not shown) for every day wear as they are super comfortable and inconspicuous enough.  I work with children and don’t need to have the best lift to get thru my day. But for outfits that are meant to define my waist (dresses, clingier tops, etc.), the Stalowka is my best bet.

**What about you? What bras best compliment your shape? Do you have bras that make you look leaner when you put them on? Share your faves in the comments below! 🙂 **

8 thoughts on “Bras and Clothing

  1. Any bra that lifts my breasts very high makes me look leaner with clothes on. In my case those are the Deco and the EM HP Kobalt. I keep intending to review those, but fail to take pictures of the detailing.

  2. I’m stuck in nursing bras right now until I figure out what size I’ll need. They don’t even come close to flattering. I get my best shape from three part vertical seamed bras. I loved the Harelquin Rhea until I outgrew it.

  3. I would sure love a bra that actually lifted me! My narrowest point is my underbust, but all bras I’ve tried don’t lift higher than the under-wire 😦 I tried the Bravissimo Strapless, which failed massively (expected, it only went up to 34J, and I estimate I’d need a 36JJ for that one), but the cups were boned, and lo and behold, actually went in an upwards angle from the wire! I’d love that in my other bras! Actually, the Cleo Olivia I have lifts a lot, and also make me look leaner, I’d think, but I don’t like the shape – it’s very wide-set, and pointy-ish. So far my Ewa’s are also the best for lift and shape on me, but it takes a lot of compromises – I’m not so compatible with their plunges… Bring in the S-bra 😀

  4. What a great illustration of how the different bras look under tee shirts, but I wonder how some of the other styles like the Abi and Angel would stack up in the 38 band. I remember you saying that you were needing that size more in some of the brands, and perhaps the firmer band would increase the lift even more.

    Personally, my favorite lift/shape comes from the Panache Jasmine; however, I have contemplated altering a Deco because I used to love that shape as well. The new Freya Gem and the Panache Andorra are comparable. Oh, and I finally got in my Salsa! I’ll post a review soon, but I’m not keeping it because the shape is so wide across the chest.

  5. Really, really great post. I am starting a new blog, and I would like to do a similar post. Would you mind my borrowing this idea if I link back to your original post?

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