Sleeping When You Have Big Boobs, v 2.0

A while back I wrote a brief post about sleeping position when you have big boobs. Since then, it is the #1 post that leads people to my blog. So, I figure there are many, many women out there that are looking for information on how to sleep more comfortably when they are buxom.

I thought a good way to expand upon the topic is to share with you some of the great wire free bras that exist for DD+ women (and with great being loosely defined…after all, we are talking about wire-free bras that won’t make you look like a superstar…just more comfortable!).

If you’re DD+ and Plus Sized, why not try….


A wire free bra by Goddess! The great thing about Goddess is that many of their styles of bras are available in a wire free option. This one is the Alice, but you have more than one choice for a sleeping bra with this company

Or, if you’re just DD+, why not check out these beauties?


Rosie Soft Cup

Rosie Soft Cup

Soft Cup Deco



Grace Soft Cup


Darcy Soft Cup (GORGEOUS!!)




Versailles Comfort Bra

All of these bras are comfy and gorgeous and would be great for lounging around or sleeping, and are available at least up to an F cup (obviously, some go up higher). Of course, with any wire free bra, your boobs will probably be pushed together and there will still be a lot of sweating and warmth without a whole lot of lift. But, they can help to somewhat hold things in place while sleeping and keep you more comfortable without the *potential* pain of wires.

Which soft cup and wire free bras have you tried?

3 thoughts on “Sleeping When You Have Big Boobs, v 2.0

  1. Sleeping with a bra on is so uncomfortable! I’m an Australian 10G, bordering on GG in one boob, and I can’t stand sleeping with a bra on. It feels too restricting. I think I’m one of the lucky few girls who feels like this?

  2. I’m a stomach sleeper, and I sleep topless. I’ve found that to be the only way for me, but that will have to change soon – my son is almost a year old, and it’s time to put everything away for when he comes in in the morning.

  3. I can’t stand sleeping in anything tight. As a side sleeper, I also hate the feeling of my 36GG’s sticking together. I often resort to tucking my thin sleep shirt vertically into my cleavage (sexy!) or, since I like to sleep with a body pillow, strategically nestling the edge between the girls.

    For PMS days, I love the Barely There microfiber crop top bra. It is super stretchy & thin; really eases aching. Ronda Shear 2x is another option, though much tighter band. I’m not looking for support, I.e., uplift when sleeping; I care about soothing comfort.

    My biggest Fail was the Kush – the foam roll made as a large boob sleep aid. Good theory, awful in practice. The rubber is hard & it’s huge: looks – & worse, feels – a lot like bicycle handlebar jabbing you if you move at all.

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