Plus Size Bra Review: Panache “Jasmine”


The Panache Jasmine is available in sizes 30-38 D-K, for about $62.00 (matching panties available up to a US size 18)

The Jasmine is a bra I have been wanting to try for a long time (since about October), but couldn’t really justify spending the money on. I had asked for it for Christmas but got the Fern instead, so I was just kind of holding out to see if this print would go on sale (there’s a new print/color for spring, I believe is the release time frame). Yeah, as you all know, I’m a bargain hunter.

But, on a recent trip to Nordstrom, I saw that they were stocking the Jasmine! Finally! **Random sidebar, I hate that they only carry up to a 38J in store and online….where’s the JJ and K cups?** I grabbed the Jasmine along with a few other bras to try on, and I brought this one home in a 38J.

Pictures! πŸ™‚





I’ve been recently measuring about 38.5″ for my under bust, and all of my 40’s are too big, so I really thought I would love the 38 band in this. Here’s my thoughts… (I have yet to put the measurements on Bratabase, but will update this post when I have done so).

Features: 4 part cup, half adjustable straps, gorgeous bird print, bow on center gore, semi-padded straps, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes and stretch lace upper cup.

Fit: I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sold on the fit of this. Β While all of my breast tissue is fully encased in the cups, the wires are pretty low on the sides, leaving some of my armpit fluff out to pasture. This isn’t really an issue, but I’m used to the much wider wires of my Elomi bras, so it feels a little bit weird. I think I would have liked to try a 38JJ just to see if this went away at all. As I continue to lose weight, I’m having more and more problems with armpit fluff that is not breast tissue. I really need to figure out which exercises will help reduce the amount of extra skin and tissue I have going on under there. I swear it’s not boob, though!

However, the cups fit perfectly (I know it looks like double boob in the side shot, but that’s just because of how I am twisting to take the photo; It is smooth under a t-shirt), and that stretch lace is DIVINE. I did find that I had a little bit of trouble settling into the bottom of the cups, but I eased into it with more wear. I love the height of the center gore, and I feel like it hits me at a really great place. I love how narrow Panache’s center gores are, as they really work well with the shape of my breasts.

The 38 band is refreshingly snug. It could definitely use a good break-in period, but I don’t feel like I’m having my air cut off or anything like that. I love that the band does not travel all over the place, and it firmly holds the wires under the root of my breasts. I’m falling out of love with my Andorras lately because the band is too big (40J) and the wires aren’t staying where they should, causing rubbing and pain 😦

Support and Shape: Oh my gosh. I looked in the mirror and was like… is this possible from a Cut and Sew bra??? I have similar lift in this bra as I do with my EM PL Stalowka. It’s insane. The shape is slightly pointy (ever so slightly) from the side, but it’s nothing when you consider the lift and AWESOME cleavage. There is a lot of projection and a lot of lift going on here. Love it!

Fabrics: The fabrics are definitely a little starchy at first, and I would say that the band is less stretchy than other Panache bras I have tried (for instance, much less stretchy than the Sienna), but is comparable to how the band feels in the Tango II that I have in a 38J.

Other Thoughts: I really love the shape and lift that this bra gives! It’s amazing. I think I will end up ordering a 38JJ (obviously not from Nordstrom…..) to see if I feel any better about that next cup size up (though I’m afraid I’d lose some of the great cleavage!), so I may update this review at some point.

Overall grade: A+

And here’s a photo of this puppy underneath a t-shirt. No judging on the contents of said t-shirt haha


the seams are mildly visible under my t-shirt. But the lift is amazing (I should really post a comparison photo). Also, I ❀ David Tennant


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13 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Panache “Jasmine”

  1. Very interesting review!. Do you actually find that the wires are lower under your arm than the Andorra? (because I’m having a hard time with those!) and I like the Jasmine but I did not want to order it because of that.

  2. As you know, this is currently my favorite bra because of that incredible lift and shaping. I like how the wings and cups are a bit lower than any other Panache style because I find it works better with my body (and reminds me more of Freya), but I can appreciate that sometimes you want something higher. The lift and shaping on this bra is amazing on you, and I love the silhouette you’re getting under the tee shirt. Just remember: Wash then wear! I didn’t think the material felt all that bad at the start either, but eight hours later I was not a happy lady!

  3. Yay for joining the ever increasing Jasmine fan group πŸ™‚ And let me just say, I think this one suits you way better than the andorra πŸ™‚
    I also wasn’t sure about the size in this one so now I rotate between 30j and 30jj depending on the time of the month. I’m confident you’ll get the coverage you want from 38jj, the wires will come higher too, as well as the gore.
    I had some settling issues too and that starch gave me a hideous rash even after washing the bra two times, but I stuck with it, bent the wires and now I can’t wait for the Panache AW13 collection that will bring out a lighter colored version of Jasmine ❀
    I just have to figure out what bra to wear in the meantime during the summer with my lighter colored clothes, I don't think pl karmelki will do good in high temperatures 😦
    Oh, and I love your nerdshirt too πŸ˜€ My secret crush spells Bazinga! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Vee! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      Yes, I do love the shape and projection that I get in this bra, in comparison to the Andorra. I think I will be happier with the 38JJ, but I’m not sure I would still have the awesome cleavage! I love where the center gore hits me right now in the 38J, so I’m not sure if the 38JJ’s would be too tall or not.

      Geronimo!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Just bought the Jasmine in eBay after reading your review, in the same size as my Andorra. What convinced me was that you mention about the wires being shorter on the sides (under the arms) so I’m looking forward to receiving it because I do struggle with the height of the Andorra’s wires although I love everything else about the bra.

  5. WRT to loose skin and such under your arms, that is normal for those of us who have padding. I have a bit of fat under my arms that isn’t boob, and it’s just there. I do prefer a high-winged bra because I think it helps to smooth it, but too high and I am chafed, so there must be a happy medium.

    In a person who loses a drastic amount of weight, the loose skin and such will eventually firm back up with time and good nutrition.

    The Jasmine looks great on you! You’re right, the shape is fantastic; it is natural but uplifted. I’m surprised at your surprise though, because EM bras are cut and sew too! I don’t think we can really get this kind of lift from a bra that isn’t!

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