No Snark Policy

I wanted to take a moment and actually articulate my no snark policy that I have here on the blog. In my about me section, I briefly touch on the concept of no body snark…..but today I wanted to talk about my 0 tolerance policy for any kind of snark.

As a blogger, I put a lot of my time and heart into maintaining this blog. I recognize that what I write can be seen and read all around the world. I know that not everyone shares my opinion, and to me, that’s beautiful. Differences are welcomed here.

However, I also recognize that there are respectful ways to express differences in opinions. Comments like “Get a life!” or “Chill out!” or “You’re so damn wrong.” are not examples of respectfully expressing differences in opinions.

I’ve tried to use my best discretion when approving and deleting the many comments that I get on the blog. I don’t want to over censor what people have to say and I don’t feel like I should have to.

Please understand that the following types of comments will immediately be deleted:

  • Any attacks on me, or any of the other commenters on any specific post
  • Body shaming or sexist remarks
  • Threats
  • The use of overly explicit language, i.e. calling me or other readers bitches, etc.
  • Openly bashing other bloggers or specific companies

The following types of comments will be edited before approval:

  • Comments that have personal information in them (i.e. personal email or telephone number) 

I know and understand that there is one very specific topic (Double Divas) that continuously drives traffic to my blog. I welcome women who love the show and women who don’t. However, I will not tolerate fans of the show coming to the blog and alienating myself and other readers with their comments. This is not the place to do that. This is a blog about bras, bra fitting, and bra education. If you’d like to make comments about the show, or need to contact someone at Double Divas for information about their shop, please follow this link.

Please read and comment respectfully. We are all humans after all. I’m not just a robot sitting behind a computer and neither are the readers of this blog.

Thank you,

Nicole – Fussy Busty

Policy Effective from: February 20th, 2013 and valid on this blog, Fussy Busty Facebook page and all other corresponding Fussy Busty locations. 

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