I’m Amy, and I’m a 28FF.

Regarding my bra fitting journey, I didn’t know where to start really, my first bra fitting seems as good a place as any. I was 14 years old, and had been wearing various donated bras from older family members, in probably a large variety of sizes.

I went to Marks and Spencer for my first fitting, where the fitter passed a tape around my band and declared that I was a 34, then measured my bust and said I measured an AA but looked more like an A to her. Great. After none of the 34A bras fit me, she said I probably didn’t need a bra and that’s why none fit. Then she went on her lunch break, and I found a different fitter, who measured me at a 32C, then 32D after trying a few on. She did however tell me that as I was under 16, I couldn’t wear underwires because it would distort the shape of my breasts, and as the teen range didn’t stretch to a D I would need a non-underwired bra. I came away with 2 awful white minimiser t-shirt bras that made my boobs so pointy, and were so embarrassing for a 14 year old to wear.


As you can probably guess, I paid no attention to her ‘no underwires’ rule. I probably should have listened because now my boobs are horribly misshapen…. I jest, they’re fine. I was 32C/D for the next few years depending on weight gain/loss, and having intermittent back pain that was put down to my posture. Then in November this year I discovered r/abrathatfits and found out that there are bands under a 32 and cups over a G.

After measuring myself I ordered my first properly fitted bra, a curvy kate thrill me in a 28E. I was amazed at how good my boobs looked in it, but the gore dug painfully into my chest, and I had to stuff it with cotton wool to make it wearable. But no more back pain after a few days of wearing, it was a miracle! I had a few more 28Es, and was happy with them!

Then tissue migration struck. I decided to go to Bravissimo and get a fitting, I came away with a Deco in purple 28F, A satine in ivory 28F and an ordered masquerade rosetti 28F. I actually ended up exchanging the satine for another deco, the 28f was just too small in the cups. I also had to return the rosetti, which lead me to consider my shape issues. The gore sat on my breast tissue in the middle, I have very close set breasts, and it poked under my arms, I have narrow roots.

Based on shape issues, I ordered an Ewa Michalak PL Onyks 28FF from ebay, grabbed a bargain! It’s comfortable with an extender, I think the cups are a little small, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for me. Where I’m at now is trying to get a hold of an Ewa Michalak plunge in a 28G, without paying full price for a non-returnable order, and starting to have issues with Decos rubbing under the arms and needing to have straps adjusted as tight as they’ll go.



I’m constantly on the hunt for my perfect bra: a narrow, short plunge with adjustable straps and a low gores in around a 28FF.  But I’m not fussy…


8 thoughts on “I’m Amy, and I’m a 28FF.

  1. I have recently discovered that I have been wearing the wrong size for decades! Thank you for sharing your story with us 🙂

    • So do I, by almost a cupsize I think! I didn’t know how common it was until I started spending so much time on bra websites.

  2. It really felt awful reading what your fitter said to you! That your boobs were so small they didn’t need a bra. Such ignorance and way to go, yeah, making a girl believe her back pains were supposed to not be rectified!

    I also believe that breast shape won’t get distorted by underwires as long as you wear a bra that actually fits you. Why would a “hug” that’s JUST right distort your boobs? It just doesn’t make any sense! If anything, I believe boob shape would be distorted by NOT wearing the most supportive bra you can get your hands on! And bras with underwires usually are the most supportive!

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