Thursday Faves 2/28



Yay! The last day of February! If you know nothing about Ohio, let me tell you one thing: February is the absolute worst month ever. For a whole 28 days, the weather hangs in this delicate balance, sometimes dancing across the line into spring weather, and at other times being a harsh, harsh mistress (what? 7 degrees? ugh!).

You may not know this, but last weekend and this week was both LingerieFW and CurveNY, both events which I would have love to have gone to, but didn’t plan far enough in advance for.

So, this week’s thursday faves primarily consists of the various bloggers who covered LFW and CurveNY:

Sweets has a post series of her experience, as does The Lingerie Lesbian, and Miss Underpinnings

I loved Claire’s informative post about Why Some Bras Will Never Fit You 

Georgina’s honest share of her experiences as a blogger really hit some high notes for me, too


Have a lovely weekend ladies!



3 thoughts on “Thursday Faves 2/28

  1. February is the WORST. Good bye, February, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Hope things perk up soon, and we’ll see you at a future fashion week/Curve, right? 😉

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