FabFit Academy: An interview with Ali Cudby


Ali Cudby - Bestselling author of Busted! and creator of the FabFit Academy

Ali Cudby – Bestselling author of Busted! and creator of the FabFit Academy

A few weeks ago, bestselling author Ali Cudby announced the launch of her FabFit Academy. What is that, you ask? The FabFit Academy is an online training program for lingerie industry professionals to get certified in bra fitting the Busted way! This is the first training program of its kind, and is really quite revolutionary for the industry as a whole.

I was very curious about all of it and sought out an interview with Ali to find out more about the FabFit Academy and what prompted her to start it. It’s an ever short interview, and I’m certainly not an expert journalist, but if you’re interested in seeing more interviews from industry professionals, please let me know in the comments!

Hi, Ali! Thank you so much for doing an interview for Fussy Busty! If my readers are anything like me 6 months ago, they’ve never heard of you – or your great book – Busted! Could you please tell us a little more about yourself and why you wanted to start the FabFit Academy and what it is?

Hi Nicole! It’s so great to be here. As you mentioned, I’m the author of the bestselling book Busted! The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras that Fit Flatter and Feel Fantastic. The book was written because I know from personal experience how miserable it can be to wear uncomfortable bras that don’t fit day after day. It’s a pain…literally! When I found a solution it changed my life because I didn’t walk around all day feeling uncomfortable. I looked better and felt better. Even the headaches I got every afternoon went away!

After the book was published, it became clear that even though there are some great boutiques that offer amazing fit experience, the reality is that a lot of stores rely on ad hoc systems for training their employees. Too many folks are trained by store owners or managers, who already have full plates. Any time an employee offers a sub-par fit experience to a customer it becomes an expensive problem — the lifetime value of a customer’s purchases and word of mouth is hard to quantify! I wanted to offer a solution that would allow every employee to get amazing training while freeing up boutique owners to grow their businesses. Thus the FabFit Academy was born, offering online bra fit training and certification aimed at the lingerie industry.

What do you think are the biggest hurdles to starting a standardized fit procedure movement?

The biggest problem is that there are no standards for fit from brand to brand, but everyone still seems to think that measuring for size is how you determine which bra you should wear. If there are no standards for fit, then you don’t have a bra size!! Manufacturers aren’t going to change, so everyone needs a system to shift their thinking from being all about size to all about fit — because the markers for good fit don’t change, no matter what size you’re wearing.

In the second introductory video, you introduce your fitting philosophy “Busted”. A lot of times, we are able to find bras that fit in the band, have great underwires, and have smooth cups….but the center gore doesn’t tack. Do you think that tacking gores can sometimes be sacrificed, or not at all?

If you’re wearing an underwire bra that fits properly you should be able to get the gore to tack, even for very busty women. The key is having a bra that’s the right style for your body. The style component is the one most instruction glosses over, but it’s really the most critical. Of course, sometimes you see a bra that’s too pretty to leave behind, even if it doesn’t fit exactly right. Hey…we’re women, it happens! Luckily, the fit police won’t swoop down and haul you away. If we’re talking strictly fit, then yes, you should be able to have it all.

What is the question that you get asked most often as a fitter?

LOL, that’s easy…”What about back fat?!?” Everyone wants to know about the dreaded back fat.

What do you think is the greatest challenge when fitting women?

The biggest challenge in fitting women is that you’re not only dealing with the physics of supporting a woman’s breasts, you’re dealing with a lot of emotions. Her self-image, her body hang-ups (real and imagined), and the way she thinks about herself as a woman. It’s complicated and sometimes it’s very emotional. It can feel like a therapy session sometimes – and it kind of is!

Currently, the FabFit Academy is geared towards businesses and industry professionals. Do you have plans to create videos for consumers? What would they be like, and would they have a cost?

I’m getting more and more questions about consumer videos. It’s something I have in the hopper – I’m sure I’ll do something eventually. In the meantime, Busted! is a great resource that’s aimed at the consumer, rather than the trade. There’s also good fit information on my blog at www.fabfoundations.com.

Thank you so much, Ali, for taking the time to answer a few quick questions for the readers of Fussy Busty!

Ali wanted me to note that she is closing registration for the FabFit Academy within the next week, so if you want to be a part of it, definitely check out www.fabfitacademy.com as soon as you can!


6 thoughts on “FabFit Academy: An interview with Ali Cudby

  1. Ms. Cudby brings up an important point: “You don’t have a bra size” specifically because “there are no standards for fit”! There’s no standards for any form of clothing; you can wear a size 8 pants at store X and wear a size 14 at store Y, or even wear different sizes of pants from the same store because of differences in styles! Measurements are rarely helpful, even if you chose to make your own clothes from patterns (I make a lot of my own dresses, and the indicated measurements for a size don’t always seem accurate). So, why should we expect a tape measure to indicate what bra size we should wear from brand to brand and style to style?

  2. Nice interview. Think Ali’s doing a marvellous job in educating the industry about fitting. My only other comment in that some people are trained by store owners/managers who are just as passionate about fit!

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