Let me tell you about my shape issues…

So far I have found 2 bra styles that are a good fit, the deco (28F/FF) and my recently acquired Ewa Michalak PL Karmelki (28G), although these both still have their issues for me.

But there are a lot of bras I can’t wear.

My boobs are close together, I can just about fit a finger between them when standing. This gives me a lot of gore issues, it’s either sat on breast tissue or it’s stabbing me in the sternum, which pretty much means that balcony style bras are a no-no for me and I’m limited to plunges.

My boobs sit high up on my chest, I seem to wear my bras higher up than average, with the top of my band sitting on my shoulder blades. I have issues with underwires poking my underarms, and straps that aren’t fully adjustable need to be altered and cups that come high up are no good.

I am also very narrow, I have yet to find the perfect narrow bra, even Ewa Michalak extends further than my breast tissue, this doesn’t really bother me but I can’t get away with a medium or wide bra.

28 bands. My ribcage is 26/27” (my weight fluctuates a lot), so I need a snug 28 band and would like a 26 in a lot of bras. Of course, I can wear my 28s on the tightest hook, but it’s usually not enough and I’m shortening the lifespan of the bra. I can alter the band (still practicing on old bras, but getting better!) but something inside me doesn’t like paying £30-£40 for a bra that I have to alter. I did purchase a rixie clip, which is useful to a certain extent, but I’d rather have a bra that fit.

Other shape factors, fullness, shallow vs. deep, etc. I just don’t know, I’m still figuring it out and trying out different bras every chance I get.


P.S. On a bra related side note, I went to the Leia Lingerie store in York on Saturday, the ladies were very helpful and I definitely recommend it. I tried on a lot of bras, pretty balcony styles, the Totally Tartan and Gem half cup included, but I could not find a fit. I walked away with, surprise surprise, another deco, the taylor with matching briefs and suspender belt, this time in a 28ff. Absolutely no idea whether I should be wearing the deco in an f or ff, I seem to be able to wear both.


9 thoughts on “Let me tell you about my shape issues…

  1. I find the Taylor (and Ashlee) fit considerably smaller in the cup than the standard Deco. I tried on my friend’s Deco in a 30E and the cups actually fit me, even with the band pulled back to tighten it! Yet when I was a pretty standard 28F in Freya, I needed an FF in the Ashlee. Makes sense that you could wear the normal Deco in an F and Taylor in an FF based on my experiences with both bras 🙂

    I’m glad Karmelki was (somewhat) of a success!

  2. I have the opposite problem!A lot of bras fit me weird,till I tried on a balconette.I almost cried cause it was just the right shape for me.haha.Didn’t get it as it was lace and I didn’t really have the money and so planned on finding it online later..it’s not online. O_O Kicking myself there. So I plan on trying to find more in that style.
    I want so badly to get this one,though it’s expensive.But one good bra is better than lots of ill-fitting ones!
    I’m also considering their maxi bra,lace bras,and the super plunges…though I don’t think the super plunge would work for me,it just might.Mimi Holliday tends to run a bit smaller in the cups from what people have told me,so size up one.I so wish there was a store near me that carried them! 😦

    26/28 bands can be really hard to find,I hope bra makers wise up and make more smaller bands with larger cup sizes soon!

    • I think I had the same sort of ‘brapiphany’ moment when I got a deco that fit! It finally makes all the bra trying on worth it.

      Oh, the hours I’ve spent drooling over mimi Holliday 😦 there’s no way I could afford it, I’d have to buy the matching knickers too, and like you say, I’d want got try it on for that price but I can’t either. I have my eye on the super plunge, hopefully someone will take notice as its my 21st soon :p

      Hopefully 26 bands are coming soon, I can cope with a 28, but I know a lot of girls need a 26 and even a 24 and the bra market tends to ignore them 😦

  3. If you need a really narrow bra I’d recommend another polish brand called Comexim (http://www.comexim.pl/lang-en/). Their bras usually run really tight in band which should be a good news for you 🙂 They designed their own wires which are very narrow therefore unique and perfect for those who need less width (even less than in Ewa Michalak). Their gores are also narrow and lower than in typical balcony bra from e.g. Freya so there is a chance you could find them quite comfortable. Hope this helps!

    • They look great! Thanks for the info, I’m going to be ordering one when I get paid. Can you shed any light on their sizing system for me though? They seem to miss out some cups so shall I size up a cup or 2? I know they have a measurement chart but I always measure smaller than what I need.

      • Well, they have their own sizing system which evolved from continental measuring. Over time they added some double letters in response to their customers’ suggestions. Usually we should go up 2 or 3 sizes a cup depending on the bra style. I think it would be best to contact them and ask as I’m not that big of an expert in their sizing system and I wouldn’t like to cause you any disappointment. The company CEO and designer, Anna, is very helpful and always open to clients and their wishes or questions so I believe she or her co-workers would help you much better than I ever could 🙂

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