Kim: Bras, Bras, Bras

I am surrounded by bras all day, every day. Literally. They’re in my flat hanging all over the place, mostly waiting to go in the washer. They’re on my computer screen – be it Facebook, email, a blog, or my own designs. Then I face them at my Uni, in large quantities. There are pretty pictures on the wall, garments in progress on the mannequins, classes about designing them, drafting patterns, drawing them and sometimes even the cloth used to wipe the board is actually a bra. Gosh they’re everywhere, and I love it!

I’ve been obsessed with bras from a very early age, having all sorts of challenges with fit, comfort and support as I grew up. When I was 18 I discovered that bras came in pretty colours and with gorgeous lace in sizes larger than a DD, and since then I’ve known that I needed to be involved in this industry, one way or another.

Over the past few years, my quest to educate women about bras has continued to grow, as have my frustrations on finding exactly what I want, or having more variety to choose from in my size. I like higher-end lingerie brands, PrimaDonna and Empriente, brands that fit impeccably well, likely due to my extensive fitting background, and I like them to last and be of the very best quality. That leaves me with very few brands to choose from, and I find they tend to be designed for a slightly more mature woman. I’m only 29, and very fussy. So, I’ve ended up at bra school. One of three degree programs in the world that focuses solely on lingerie design and manufacturing.

Follow me along on this quest to design the perfect plus-fit bra AND to further educate women of the world on finding their perfect fit!


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