Plus Size Bra Review: Ewa Michalak ‘Pl Burgund’

The PL Burgund is not available anymore on EM’s site, but this was a bra that I had received from Bra Nightmares to try, as part of my first attempt with EM’s bras. This is the PL Burgund in a 42J (95J)

My photos:


The PL Burgund OVER the stalowka 


The PL burgund on its own


Burgund over the Stalowka


The photos for this review are a bit different because of all of the fit issues that I had with the Burgund.

Measurements of the Burgund:

  • Flat band: 33″
  • Stretched band: 41″
  • Cup Depth: 15.5″
  • Cup Width: 9.25″ 
  • Gore height: 4.5″
  • Wing Height: 5.25″
  • Wire length: 14.5″ 

Features: Fully adjustable straps, NO padded inserts, bow on center gore, four rows of three hooks and eyes

Fit: I don’t know where to start. It really just didn’t fit, and I think the pictures show that quite well.

Support and Shape: The straps were really stretchy, and I think the cups were made badly. They did not support the weight of my boobs at all. When I layered this bra with my PL Stalowka (40J), the shape was so much better.

Other Thoughts: I did end up selling this bra. It went to a good home. I did like that there were four rows of hooks and eyes, as opposed to the standard three as that was a first for me. However, I know that quite a few women found this bra to be a miss, so no surprise there.

Overall Grade: D-


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