Longlines, and a review of the Just Flew In (28FF)

Longlines; they’re flattering, sexy, and extra supportive, what’s not to love! Back in my ill-fitting bra days, I had quite the collection of longlines, but between needing tighter bands and tissue migration, I currently have 4 wearable ones. A few weeks ago I purchased the Freya ‘Just Flew In’ in the longline style, one of the first 28 bands to be available in this style, and a bra I had been waiting months for.


My current collection: Altered 32D topshop floral bralet, Ted Baker 32C black lace longline, Altered Ted Baker 32D cerise longline, 28FF Freya Just Flew in longline

Just Flew In I ordered this from http://www.largecuplingerie.com who ship worldwide for free, and it came next day! Upon opening I was in awe of just how beautiful it is, and practically ripped my clothes off to try it on.


  • Band: 24.5” unstretched, 29.3” stretched
  • Cup: 6.2” width, 9.3” depth
  • Wire length: 10.1”
  • Cup separation: 1.2”
  • Gore height 4.5”
  • Wing height: 5”
  • Strap width: 0.8”
  • Fastening: 2 rows of 6 hooks


The Bad: The band. In my opinion a 28 band should stretch to 28”, this is especially important when there is no option to size down, and this one stretches to 29”/29.5”. There is only 2 rows of fasteners, for some reason, which reduces the life of the already stretchy band and means I’m probably going to need to alter it.

The cups are very wide, wider than any other Freya I’ve come across, and way too wide for me. The cups are too separated for me, the gore is quite wide and sits on breast tissue when I swoop and scoop.


The longline part has no extra boning, it’s just fabric, and bunches up with wear, which is disappointing. Even topshop’s longline offering has some extra boning to keep the longline in place. I plan on trying to put some boning in each side, but that might be something I need Kim’s advice on!

The Good: Despite all that, I am absolutely keeping this bra, no it’s not the most comfortable, but it is so pretty I can’t let go of it.  The pattern is absolutely stunning in person, and I’ve found myself planning outfits around this bra rather than the other way around, it looks great under a sheer shirt.


Yeah, I bought a shirt especially for this bra. Worth it.

The slightly padded cups are great, thin enough to give a natural(ish) shape, but lined enough for modesty, and no show through if you wanted to wear this as a top. The straps are thick and fully adjustable.

I ordered the matching shorts about a week later, from asos, they’re pretty much deco shorts only slightly thinner and less stretchy, with a lace trim


Fit and Comfort 5/10, this bra is totally wrong for me.

Look 9/10, would be 10/10 if the front didn’t ride up.


**Nicole’s note: Windie over at UndieGamer just posted the same bra review, in the same size. If you check out her review, you can truly see how every body is different, even if they wear the same size!! 🙂 Where this fit Windie really quite well, it just didn’t work the best for Amy. 

2 thoughts on “Longlines, and a review of the Just Flew In (28FF)

  1. I made a special trip to Nordstrom to try it on in my size 30G. I was so excited they had it in stock. Unfortunately the fit was off on me as well, center gore didn’t tack , slight quad boob in the bigger twin, and the band started rolling up as soon as I put it on. I was so disappointed!

    • I’m extremely disappointed by the rolling up! It’s less longline, more bra with some extra fabric on the bottom 😦

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