What’s in Amy’s drawer?

So, my ever changing bra drawer. I’ve been thinking today about how a lot of women say they have certain bras for certain things; t-shirt bra, plunge bra, everyday bra, strapless bra etc. Most of mine I have, because they’re pretty and I just had to buy them, I usually have about 10-15 bras, which change on a weekly basis as I buy, sell and swap them a lot.

Today this is what my bra drawer looks like:


Messy Drawer

(1) Ewa Michalak Karmelki 28G, I don’t wear this much because it rubs under my under arms, I have a 28G onyks on the way to replace this with.

(2)  Freya Deco purple 28F, I wear this quite a lot, even though it’s a bit small (same with all my 28F Decos). Cleavage is amazing, I use all my decos as everyday bras.

(3) Freya Deco black 28F

(4) Freya Deco nude 28F, for under white t-shirts

(5) Freya Deco taylor 28FF, my best fit in the deco, one of the bras I wear the most

(6) Debenhams Gorgeous 28FF, sat in the drawer with tags on waiting to be added to bratabase and sold/swapped for a better fitting blue/turquoise bra.

(7) Freya Deco pistachio 30E, got this cheap and took the wires out to use as a sleeping bra.

(8) Chantelle Senso 32E with the band altered to 28”, so 28FF. This is a really bad fit but it’s my only strapless bra. I have a 30FF Ewa Michalak Mleczny strapless on the way to replace this.

(9) Freya Just Flew In Longline 28FF, don’t wear this much unless it’s under something where it can be seen.

(10)      Ted Baker longline, altered 32D that I wear quite a lot.

(11)      Topshop longline 32D that I wear as a top with high waisted things.

(12)      Cleo Marcie 28FF, absolutely LOVE the look of this bra but it’s a dreadful fit so it’s waiting to be sold/swapped.

Other bras on their way to me:

Comexim green velvet 28FF, I worry that the band will be too tight

Braologie lacie, VERY excited to try this, just hoping the size is right and I don’t have to mess about sending it back. This should be a really good bra for me if the sizing works out.

Ewa Michalak Onyks PL 28G and Mleczny 30FF as mentioned.

A red checked M&S 30F that I got for 99p from eBay, it just screamed ‘Dukes of Hazard’ at me.

How many bras does everyone have? I feel like I have a lot, maybe because I buy them impulsively and replace them a lot.

On a side note, yesterday I received my first birthday present, a holiday (woo!) which I’ll be going on in a month. At this point it looks like I’m going topless on the beach! I just tried on all last year’s bikinis, about 25 of them, and 1 fits. I have some bikinis ordered but I don’t have very high expectations for them. If anyone has any cheap 28ff/g/30f/ff bikinis for sale please email/comment/message in a bottle me! I shall report back on the bikini front next week.


2 thoughts on “What’s in Amy’s drawer?

  1. I have twelve bras that fit, three I only sort of wear, and three I don’t wear. Of the twelve that fit, two are sport bras, one’s a strapless, and two are non-everyday bras.

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