Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Libby’


The Libby is available in sizes 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $56.00

I had the chance to try the Libby in a 38J recently.





Features: limited stretch fully adjustable straps, 4 part cups with side support, bows on center gore and straps, full coverage, wide wires

Fit: You’ll notice that I’m trying more and more 38’s lately. While at first I’m like “Whoa, this is tight!” I can still pull the band 2-3″ away from my body, and the band is actually comfortable with longer wear. I like it because I know the band is going to stay in place. I’ve been having a lot of weird back pain lately because my bands aren’t tight enough (they slide around) and my back cracks a lot. It’s uncomfortable.

This is a full cup size and band size smaller than the Elomi Sakura I reviewed some months ago. What I really liked about the 38J was how encapsulating the cups are. In the 40J Sakura that I have, I don’t feel very secure, the wires are too wide, and the band is too big. In this, I get a much better fit. I will say, however, that the seaming on the top of the cups is fairly restrictive and definitely cuts into my larger breast.

Support and Shape: There’s no doubt about it that this bra really gives good lift. It is more of a natural rounded shape.

Other Thoughts: I’m quite wild about the contrast of the pink with the black. The print is quite lovely. Also, for a full coverage bra, this isn’t boring at all. I much prefer the fit of the 38J to the 40J.

Overall Grade: A

5 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Libby’

  1. The Libby may be Elomi’s best frame to date because it gives that same sculpted support of the Caitlyn with a lower center gore and side underwire. If you like this, definitely try the new Rita with the J-Hook converter in the back. They are based on the same frame, but you may want to bump up to the 38JJ since the racer-back option does pull the cup closer to the chest.

  2. I’ve been eyeing the Libby for awhile now, thanks for making this review. I do love the prints they have been releasing it, I just worry that it will be too wide or too full-coverage for me. It looks great on you!

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