Quick Review: Freya Totally Tartan

Recently, I received an order of 5 bras from Bravissimo..



I ordered the following bras: CK Portia in Seafoam 40JJ, Bravissimo Betsy Bow bra 38JJ, Bravissimo Paradiso Plume bra 38J, Freya Totally Tartan bra 38J, and Panache Sophie Softcup 40J

Unfortunately, I had fit issues with every bra in the parcel and sent them back…..some to be exchanged for other sizes and some to flat our return. Because I had so many issues, I just wanted to do a batch of quick reviews. You will still see measurements, photos, and details about the bra, but I won’t be giving an overall grade.

First up today is Freya’s Totally Tartan…



Again, this is a 38J. This is the “plunge balcony” style.

Measurements: Click here 

Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes, buttons and bows, stretchy band (6″ of stable stretch).

Fit Issues and Concerns: Clearly, this bra is too small in the cup for me. The band was actually really comfortable in the 38. The straps were *very* stretchy, which I don’t think is good for heavy breasts. The wires were *very* flexible….like I probably could have folded them in half and they would not have broken. The upper seam of the cup is very firm and not forgiving at all. The shape is probably a more natural uplifted shape.

Other reviews: Dezi reviewed the padded half cup version and loved it





7 thoughts on “Quick Review: Freya Totally Tartan

  1. Too bad this wasn’t a great fit, it’s such an adorable bra! Glad to hear the band was comfy though, perhaps these’s success to be had with other Freya bras that come in higher cup sizes?

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