Braologie Review: Part I

My Braologie came yesterday, earlier than expected, and no customs charges attached (I know some people were concerned about this). I have very mixed feelings on this bra, and have been discussing them with braologie who have been helpful. In the interests of fairness, I want to do a quick review today and then wear the bra 8 hours a day, as recommeneded, for a week, and then report back again, seeing as it’s so different to all the other bras I have and will take some getting used to.

I didn’t order a particular size, as the bras are custom made to suit your posture and size. I reported my best fitting bra as my Taylor Deco 28FF, and that’s what I wore in the pictures I sent for analysis. I think this bra is a bit bigger, maybe a 28G, to accommodate some tissue migration. My order is the Lacie posture conture bra in mix.



Band: unstretched 22”stretched 29”

Cup width: 6.8”

Wire length: 10.5”

Cup Depth: 9.5”

Side wing height: 5.5”

Strap width: 0.6”

Features: Fully adjustable straps, removable pads, a 4 hook extender comes with it, side boning and a full band.Image

My issues:

The wires are way too wide,  but I have this issue with most bras.

The underwires are not sitting under my breasts, I can’t pull them up anymore because the straps won’t shorten anymore to keep it there and the side wings would murder my underarms. (Braologie say I am wearing it at an okay height, but to try and pull it up a bit more)

The side wings are too high. (Braologie say that I should wear it in, and they are supposed to be high to remigrate tissue) I wore it for 5 hours yesterday and woke up with sore underarms today, but I’m hoping that will go away with wear.

The straps are too long. I know this is an easy fix but I’m a little nervous to alter it before I decide I definitely want to keep this bra as it is.


Space at the bottom of the cup

What I like:

The big thick band feels amazing, and the 4 hook fastening, it gives the support I want from all bras, but doesn’t cut in anywhere and looks good under tight clothes.

It comes with a great picture illustration on how to put on the bra properly and swoop and scoop.

The side boning, although higher than I’m used to, is a very good feature.

The gore actually sits flat on me, which I wasn’t expecting.

The look of the bra, I’m glad I went for the mix, it it’s very pretty.

Braologie have been very helpful, answering questions and giving advice before during and after my order, don’t hesitate to chat to them on their page, email or bratabase, if you are thinking about ordering.

The cleavage is pretty good too 😉

I’ll be back in a week with an update on how it ‘wears in’.


2 thoughts on “Braologie Review: Part I

  1. I’ve been both intrigued and frustrated by the website, as it seems to be a very hands-on thing to figure out, and I want to know everything NOWWW. I’m really looking forward to your thoughts after you’ve had the bra for a while–it’s a really interesting concept, but I’m wondering how women who aren’t super-familiar with their breasts and how to fit them (i.e. non-bloggers 🙂 ) will fare with the ordering and fitting process. I like how deep the back band looks! Very flattering.

    • 2 Days in and it’s getting much better, I have high hopes for it, I just wish I could lower the side wings an inch!

      Braologie ask for a few measurements (can’t remember which, I think under bust, breast perimeter, nip to neck) as well as bra size, so hopefully they can use the measurements more than the bra size and come up with a good fit. I do imagine though the whole process would be quite daunting to someone not familiar with this… boob world

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