Quick Review: Panache Sophie Soft Cup

Now, let me just say that I’ve never worn a soft cup bra, so I’m not sure what expectations I actually had. And, in trying this bra, I had to remind myself what the purpose of a soft cup bra is. While some women can truly get away with wearing a soft cup bra in public, or in place of a bra with wires….I cannot.

Panache also makes the Sophie bra as a wire-free nursing bra. This is just the soft cup. Now on to the pictures:



Also I would have included measurements but apparently I forgot to measure this bra before returning it. I ordered this in a 40J.

Features: Fully adjustable straps, 6 rows of three hooks and eyes, bow on central gore, and 3-part cups for shaping. Pretty lace over hot pink.

Fit Issues and Concerns: The straps were really stretchy, and because this bra has no wires, all of the weight of my breasts was sitting on my shoulders. It was really painful as soon as I put it on. Baring in mind that this bra is not meant to lift and separate, the shape was not that bad from the side, and the lift wasn’t terrible. For a softcup bra. Even though the cups were big enough, my migrated tissue needs the assistance of a firm cup and wires to keep it in the cups. Clearly an issue here.

Realistically, I could see this working for someone with much smaller breasts than me. When I laid down in this bra, it did not keep my boobs in place, so I don’t know what purpose it would serve for sleep. I did like that it had 6 rows of hooks and eyes, because that definitely gives you the ability to change the fit as the bra stretches or as your body changes.

5 thoughts on “Quick Review: Panache Sophie Soft Cup

  1. I have this in a 38GG. I was looking for something PMSfriendly to wear at home. It’s not that. I wore it for about 6 hours. After the 2nd hour I found that the band was cutting in – not because it was too tight but because it had a very sharp edged fabric to its narrow construction. A really bad idea on sensitive skin that is swelling.. I actually had chafing. Also fierce uniboob by hour 3.

    I believe the Alisha is supposed to be their most comfy option, with soft cotton wrapping the under band. But I found I’m better off in a Freya Jolie for lady time. The only successful G+ soft cup I’ve come across is CurvyWordy’s review of Shapely Figures lace bras. Unbelievable lift & separation for a soft cup.

  2. It is really fortuitous that you reviewed this right now, as I am thinking of ordering one, and I rarely see photos of it on large-breasted women. I want one for lounging and maybe sleeping. I have a Royce soft cup on the way, but am considering one of the Panache soft cups too. So thanks so much for posting this!

    I can see in the pics that it is really cutting into your shoulders. That makes me worry about it maybe not being able to handle more than a certain weight, as I have very heavy breasts. And isn’t it weird how different this bra looks in large cup sizes compared to smaller ones?

    I used to wear soft cup bras exclusively, and I did have several that did lift and separate the breasts. For this bra I am not expecting that, I am more looking for something comfortable that I can wear around the house and to sleep in. I have a friend who puts a sock between her boobs to sleep in bras like this, for the sweat issue.

    • That really is one of the reasons I wanted to try this bra; there aren’t really any reviews, and of the ones I have seen, they are on typically smaller busted women.

      I think that any soft cup bra above probably a G cup is going to look similar, and have the same kind of fit issues….However, I’ve yet to really try any other than this and a soft cup from Lane Bryant.

      I want to try Royce, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Please link me when you do a review of the Royce!! 🙂

  3. The Sophie is very pretty in person, but I’ve found that it can definitely run small in the cup. It’s not the prettiest bra in the world, but the new Goddess Audrey is a pretty amazing soft cup bra if you’re open to something new.

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