Braologie Review: Part II

Braologie Review: Part II

As promised, I wore the braologie for a week, trying to wear it in and hoping it would be more comfortable with time, as advised by braologie themselves.

Day One: Wore the bra for 7 hours today, lots of back pain which I assume is from the posture correcting aspect of the bra. The underarms aren’t stabbing as much, but I’m wearing it a bit low. Much more uncomfortable when sat down than stood up.

Day Two: Wore the bra for about 6 hours today, didn’t sit down all day like yesterday, no back pain, feeling much more comfortable. Still want to pull the cups higher up.

Day Three: Adjusted how I fasten the back of the bra, fasten the two top hooks on the tightest and the two bottom ones on the loosest, because the bottom of the bra was way tighter than the top. I feel much more supported.

Day Four: Bra wash day.

Day Five: Considering shortening the straps or the top of the cups. Underarms are being stabbed still and the bra keeps slipping too low.

Day Six: Still not the most comfortable bra, but considerably better than when I first tried it on. Tried to wear it under a low cut top to get the most out if the cleavage it gives, but the cups are way too high and peek out under anything low.

Day Seven: I find myself really not wanting to wear this bra all the time anymore. Going to shorten the straps and put it in my rotation, but it’s not the wonder bra I hoped it would be.

Overall, this bra is not really for me, but I am going to keep it. The side wings are just too high to be comfortable, the underwires are way too wide, and the cups are too tall. It has it’s good points, with the band, all the support, great shape and cleavage, but it’s too uncomfortable overall.

For someone who needs wider underwires,  not as high up boobs, and not as ‘petite’ shoulders, this bra could be great. For me though, no.

Fit 6/10, I think the size is right, but the shape is not suited to me.

Comfort 2/10, I can’t wear it without adjusting ever 5 minutes.

Look 8/10 It has a bit of a longline look which I love, and the lace is nice.


6 thoughts on “Braologie Review: Part II

  1. I have a feeling that Braologie isn’t for me either. Mine is too small in some areas of the cups, too big in others, and they come up so high under the arms. The band is really comfortable though, gotta say.

    • Yeah I agree. I think I expected more of an actual ‘custom’ bra, but it’s actually just all the same bra in different sizes, not much different from most bras.

  2. Hi! Have you spoken to Braologie about the things you don’t like? I would assume they would want to send you a more suitable replacement, unless this was one of their stock bras. Was it a custom one? They seem very eager to please, so it would be worth a shot to email about the it issues, I think.

    Thanks so much for the review, in any case; there aren’t a lot about Braologie out there yet, and I am very curious. Mine won’t be here till the end of the month. Great post!

    • Yeah I have spoken to them, I explained my issues with the straps being too long and the wings too high, they said that it looks okay just to pull it up a bit and give it time. I don’t know how much time it would take to make this bra comfortable though…

      I would love to hear how yours turns out, I’ve seen maybe 3/4 reviews and it seems to work really well on some people so fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Wow, that is so different from the experience I’ve had with them so far. I haven’t gotten the items yet, but I have corresponded with them at length about a few specific fit issues I tend to experience and they were really interested in working with me – it’s actually delayed my order by a couple of weeks, as they are trying to figure out the best ways to address my concerns (the main one is rubbing on my arm right where the strap meets the cup). I will definitely be posting a review when it arrives, and while I’m super hopeful about it, I am going to dampen my own enthusiasm just a bit for now, just in case. Thanks for the response – it’s good to know. 🙂 I hope it starts to feel better somehow, if possible…?

    • Why am I so bad at clicking in the right spot to respond to things? EVERY TIME. Argh. Anyway, obviously this was supposed to be in response to your comment above. Sorry. *sigh*

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