Fitting 101: Bra Troubleshooting

As part of my bra fitting help series, I wanted to address a handful of questions I usually get when I am fitting others or when people ask for help.


  1. My straps slip off my shoulders
    –There are a couple things that could be going on……Tighten your straps. If this does not alleviate the problem, it’s possible that the straps are too wide set for your body. Try going down a band size, or trying a different bra cup style. Look for bras that look like the strap is sewn on the middle of the cup.
  2. The band elastic flips up or curls up 
    –Again, a few things could be going on. First, check if your band is too tight. Sometimes if the band is too tight, the elastic will curl up. If your band is not too tight, check and see if the elastic is “dead” in your bra. Dead elastic doesn’t tack to your body properly and is usually stretched out too far from repeated wear. Elastic that is dead will often flip or curl up. Lastly, check and see where the band of your bra is hitting you on your body. Is it landing on soft tissue or on your ribcage? Depending on this, it’s possible that your band is just being pushed up by your soft tissue
  3. The straps dig into my shoulders
    –Your straps are too tight, OR your band is too big and the weight of your breasts is resting on your shoulders
  4. I’ve tried everything and the bra still has gaping/wrinkling in the cups (even after swooping and scooping)
    –It’s possible that the bra you are trying is a full cup. I would suggest trying a balconette or a demi bra.
  5. Where can I find a plunge bra in a large cup size?
    –The Freya Deco goes up to a GG cup, and Ewa Michalak will custom sew plunge bras up to at least a K cup
  6. I feel like I can’t breathe when I wear my new size
    –While it’s possible that your band is too tight, consider the age of your bra. If your bra is new, it requires a break in period. Wear the bra with an extender for the first couple weeks while the bra loosens up and gets used to your body. If you are making a huge change (i.e. going from a 36 band to a 30 band) you’ll need to give yourself time emotionally and physically to get used to your new size. If after all this your band is too tight, try the next band size up and see how that feels


If you have any other questions, please be sure to include them in the comments so that I can add them to this post. Everyone can benefit from the answers! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fitting 101: Bra Troubleshooting

  1. Great points! I think the ‘straps slipping off’ thing is a really good sign of poor fit for smaller-busted gals who don’t have as many issues with the weight of their breasts needing a ton of support.

  2. really great research and advice! Thanks! I was most interested in the section about the wires , wires can do so much for appearance but can be such a pain! Great explanation!

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