Ewa Michalak Mleczny Strapless Review, 65FF


Band is 26” unstretched, 29.7” stretched.

Cup width 6”, depth 9.4”

Wire length 9.6”

Gore width 0.7”, height 2.1”

Wing height 4.3”

And it has a 3×3 fastening


The cups are like nothing I have ever encountered before… they’re moulded foam but not like the deco, more rigid and cardboardy. They make a strange noise when stroked that I just can’t communicate in words.

I’ve tried 3 strapless bras so far, this one, a deco and a wonderbra.  I think, was this in the proper size, it would be a winner. The deco’s silicon strip was absolutely awful, and really painful on me. The wonderbra looked great, but I found it quite uncomfortable after a few hours because of all the hand shaped boning, planning to try it again in future though.

The band is really not what I was expecting, I’ve recently lost a little weight and tight 28 bands are grinding on my ribs, so I decided to size up to 65 in Ewa, but it turns out this band is true to size, it stretches to around 30”. In a normal bra the band would be really comfortable on me on the tightest hook, just tight enough to not ride up. But without the straps, it wiggles down when I walk, I need a bit more security from a strapless bra that I’m going to go out in public in. It feels more like it’s just sitting comfortably on my boobs, not giving any lift and support.


Top pictures are bra as is, bottom left is me attempting to pull the band in to a 28, for comparison.

The cups are small for a 30FF, they fit me like a normal 30F would, If I tighten the band or pull the cups a little to emulate straps, slight quadboob (doesn’t really come across in pictures). I think if I could have this bra in a 60G or maybe GG it would be perfect. I’m not going to order from Ewa though, (got this one on ebay) because I have had a bad experience trying to order from them, and I’m not willing to pay these extra charges for something non-returnable.


This is the only bandeau top I have to hand, the wrinkiling around the cups is not because of the bra, but the silly ‘built in support’ in the top that’s too small for me.

The shape is quite good, slightly pointy but not enough to complain about or put me off. You can see how the shape is slightly rounded and more lifted when I pull the band in. I really want to alter this bra, but my sewing skills are not to be trusted, and the band is maybe too U-shaped to take a lot off.

The good:

The gore is very thin, great for close set boobies like mine.

The silicon strip is great.

Little lacing on the top of the cups and the bow in the middle, cute.

Thick band and 3 hook fastening.

The material of the cups gives a good shape and not a chance of peek-a-boo nipples in a flimsy top/dress with this armored foam padding.

The bad:

Ewa’s seemingly random band sizing.

The material of the cups might take some getting used to.

No option for straps

Practicality as a strapless: With the band tightened, 9/10

Fit: 5/10

Look: 9/10


4 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak Mleczny Strapless Review, 65FF

  1. Maybe you could try one of the following methods for tightening the band without cutting anything off:
    My sewing skills are very limited, so I always thought if I had to tighten a band, I’d try one of these methods first. They seem easier than adjusting the position of the hooks, and it seems like they should work even for more U-shaped backs.

    • Thanks for the links 🙂
      I’m not sure about the elastic one, I think that it might have to go over the silicon strip to work, but I’m going to give that a go on another bra I just got.

      I’ll give the stitching a go, I can always get rid of it with a stitch ripper, it’s going to be cheaper than going to a tailor for sure 🙂

  2. I am struggling a lot with Ewa’s random band sizing right now as well! I had one 60 band fit perfectly, one 60 band fit like a 55, and have now ordered a 65 that is supposed to be rather snug… but I’m feeling a bit of Ewa fatigue unfortunately 😦 Apart from the cup issues, the bra looks really lovely on you! I’d heard that the cups on Ewa strapless are a bit unusually stiff, it was good to read about them!

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