Bravissimo Moulin Rose 28FF

I was fitted for this bra, and the paradiso plume, at a Bravissimo, the fitter said this was my best fit from all the bras I tried.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.57


Sorry about the picture quality today, no time to take nicer ones and watermark today.

Seeing as I’m having a bit of a rough-patch in my relationship with my horde of decos, I decided to try another t-shirt bra. I know this isn’t a t-shirt bra, but I didn’t like any of the others in stock. Panache porcelain? Flattens my boobs like pancakes. Satine? Ugh, shiny, and big in the band. Cleo Juna? Gore stabs. Tango? No thankyou. Alana? Nipples, nipples everywhere. Freya Gem? Tried 28E, F, FF and none of them fit. Not one. You get the idea. Obviously I can’t wear it under tight tight T-shirts, but it’s good for most of them.

The bra is satin with a lacy pattern, frill across the top of the cups and the half-adjustable (boo) straps. The cups are not so much padded as lined, just enough for support and nipple coverage. The band is a bit bigger than I’d like it to be on the first hook, but wearable, will eventually need altering.

Band 24.5″ unstretched, 29″ stretched

Cup width 5.3″, depth 9″

Side wing height 3″, gore height 3″, gore width 1″

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.57 #3

This is one of my first forays into the balconette (I don’t know whether to call it balconette, balcony, half cup, demi cup or what) style, I’d been wearing plunges because of a bad experience involving a CK tease me and a blister on my sternum, but I’ve come around, balconettes are not all out to get me. The shape is good, considering I’m used to the deco shape, it takes a bit of getting used to , but it’s more natural and relaxed.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.57 #2

The wires are fairly wide, and I need narrow wires, but it doesn’t feel so much of an issue with this bra, there’s no pressure or rubbing or digging into my ribs, the strap placement is quite wide too. The gore is a tad separated for me, and the boys are creeping over the top edge a little, but again it’s still comfortable.

I got the matching shorts too, which are cute but seem to run big, the size small is a size too big on my UK8/10 hips.

Fit: 9/10

Appearance, 8.5/10

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