Review: Curvy Kate Desire 28FF

I have not got on well with curvy kate in the past, I have tried the tease me, the tempt me and the elegance, had no luck with their loose bands and wide wires. I tried this because I want me and kate to be friends, her bras are so cute, and I have my eye on the starlet petrol for autumn.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.51

Again with the poor quality pictures, I know, I’ll have a real camera next week.

This is a multiway plunge bra, available in black or white, with a subtle pattern on the cups and a little bow…..thingy in the middle. The straps are thick, really long, fully adjustable and easy to switch around.

Band: 22″ unstretched, 28″ stretched

Cup width 5.3″, depth 8″

Side wing 2.7″, gore height 1.6″

Compared to the other CKs I tried in the past, the wires are a bit narrower (yey) and shorter (yey) and the band is true to size (yey). The band is also 3 hook fastening, the same width across and quite thick.  So far so good.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.52 #2

The bra is just not a great shape for me (boo), the top edge of the cup seems to me made for a full on bottom shape, and gives me an odd shelf-like appearance that doesn’t come across so much in pictures. I know I have some quadboobing but there’s also space in the bottom of the cup, that won’t stay where it’s supposed to because of the lengthy straps. If you find yourself tightening straps a lot, be wary.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.52

It works a bit better as a halterneck for me, the strap is really comfy around my neck and the cups easily lend themselves to the halterneck shape without digging in/ making armpit fat like others tend to do.

Photo on 16-04-2013 at 23.54

Fit 6/10, cups run small.

Appearance on me 5/10. Someone more full on bottom might get a better shape with this.

3 thoughts on “Review: Curvy Kate Desire 28FF

  1. I have yet to see this bra work on someone! Although, I do disagree with your comment about it being for bottom heavy breasts. My own experience with this bra was absolutely terrible! The straps aren’t flimsy and tightening them isn’t helpful as they slip and it’s just hard to get this bra to be flattering. It does look much better on you than it does me and it’s a shame it didnt work!

    • It looked absolutely awful from the side on me, shelf boob worse than I’ve ever had, I think it might have been slightly better in a cup size up perhaps. I thought maaaaybe full on bottom because I got a bit of space in the bottom of the cups so I guessed I wasn’t filling them out enough, might have been more about the wires and shape of the cups though, it’ll be interesting to see someone that this bra does work for,

      • I think you have to have a dry specific breast type to even begin to look good in it. The wires are far too wide and that contributes to the inability to fill the bottom. Bottom on heavy breasts actually having a whole hell of trouble trying to fill the bottom of molded/padded cups. I always thought full on top had an easier time settling into the bottom of the cups.

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