Plus Size Bra Review: Bravissimo Betsy Bow

I tried the Betsy Bow bra from Bravissimo in a 38JJ and in a 38K; The 38JJ was too small in the cups. Here are the photos of the 38K


IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3710


Features: Fully adjustable straps, 3 part cup construction, bows on straps and gore, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes in a 38K, wide wires, low under arm

Fit: The fit in the 38K was actually perfect. The gore laid flat, the cups were smooth and did not cut in, and I filled out the bottom fairly well. I was really happy that Bravissimo’s wires worked so well for my shape. The band in the 38 was comfortable and was supportive.

Support and Shape: The shape in the Betsy Bow is very up front, swooped up looking, with quite a bit of projection. Overall, I returned this because I was not a fan of the shape. Also, because this is a 3-part cup construction with low wires on the side, my migrated tissue would not stay put. I really need a 4-part cup construction with side slings or at the very least with taller wires on the sides. The straps were really quite stretchy, which I was surprised about.

Look and Feel: The bra itself is quite adorable. I love the bright magenta in contrast to the shell color of the bra. The materials were soft; the lower part of the cup was a sturdy material that provided more support. The upper cup does not have any stretch at all, so if you are full on top, you will probably want to size up.

Other thoughts: Overall, I was really surprised by how small Bravissimo’s bras run in the cup. I also tried the Darling Heart (which I will review soon) and it was too small in a 38K. I thought that Curvy Kate won first place in small cups, but Bravissimo is taking 1st place. If you want to try this, I would suggest sizing up 1-2 cup sizes from your “normal” size (i.e. Panache size).

Overall Grade: B+ 


3 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Bravissimo Betsy Bow

  1. I know you weren’t happy with the fit, but you did say “low sides”, so I’m going to ask since we are both in the same band range…

    Were the side seams 4″ or less? Was the gore 3″ or less? Did you think the straps were wide-set at the 38″ band?

  2. Sounds very similar to my experience with the Bravissimo Alana. It’s not a bad bra but the underwires were too low underneath my arms and I found that they run small in the cup compared to other brands. At least it looks like the center gore isn’t as wide as some other brands that cup in larger cup sizes.

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