More strapless bras; Wonderbra ultimate strapless, Gossard egoboost and Freya deco shape longline

In terms of a strapless bra, I decided to sell the Ewa Michalak Mczelny, which I reviewed here and find something better fitting. I don’t ask much from a strapless bra, I want the cups to fit, the band to stay put and a rounded shape from the side.  Firstly, I was recommended by a few people to try the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless, I got it in nude in 30F, the cups are known to run small but I was buying from who only stock up to F cup.



Band: unstretched 24.4″, stretched 27.3″

Cup width: 6.5″ Depth: 8.7″

So the cups are maybe, possible, just a touch too small, but the band is good in a 30, I could possibly even wear a 32. I didn’t bother to try a cupsize up in this because as you can see, the height of the cups is all wrong and looks pretty awful, and isn’t exactly comfortable.

Next I tried the Gossard egoboost, also in 30F. This is a much better fit on me, the cups are spot on, the band is not as tight as the wonderbra but doesn’t slide down, and the cup shape gives me a nice cleavage, and great shape under tight clothes.



Band: 24.2″ unstretched, 29.2″ stretched

Cup width: 6.1″, depth 8.3″

There is hooks for straps, but I tried this as a t shirt bra and it gave a bit of a shelf-boob for me under non-strapless tops.

As a fan of the deco, and a fan of longline bras, I just had to try the deco shape longline, which is a multiway/strapless, this time in 28FF. First off the band is tighter than anything else by Freya, and stays put nicely. The cups are a bit more full coverage than the deco plunge or half-cup, and give a really rounded shape without cleavage.  There is a variety of strap placement possible, both on the front and back there is 2 strap hooks at each side, which is a good option.



 Band: unstretched 24″ stretched 27.8″

Cup width: 5.6″ depth: 9″

I am going to be keeping the Gossard and the Deco, because I really, really cannot decide which I like best. The gossard is the most comfortable, and I am a cleavage fan, but the Deco is a longline and I’d wear it as a top with high waisted shorts/skirts in summer, I suppose two strapless options isn’t a bad thing.


13 thoughts on “More strapless bras; Wonderbra ultimate strapless, Gossard egoboost and Freya deco shape longline

    • I actually had one, I had the same thought it’d make a good top, but the shape is just awful on me and I ended up sending it back 😦

  1. Just wondering how the deco shape fits compared to your usual size and fit in the deco? Glad you’ve found a strapless (or two) that work! I’m waiting on a deco shape in the mail right now…

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  4. Hey! Love your reviews, and it’s very helpful to read the one on strapless bras. I was just wondering: did you get the chance to try the Porcelain strapless bra by Panache? I have and I must admit it worked very well on my 36G.

    Read you soon 🙂

    • I haven’t tried one, no, only because I tried the panache T-shirt bra in the plunge and balcony and they were both horrible on me shape-wise. I assumed the strapless would be a similar shape, but if it’s not I will definitely give it a go?

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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