Bikini round up: Freya

My recent holiday was my first foray into the world of ‘properly fitted’ bikinis, and with Freya being my go-to brand for bras, they seemed the obvious choice for bikinis. Sizing with bikini tops isn’t as much of an issue for me as it is with bras, ‘near enough’ is fine for me but I’m a pretty lazy holidaymaker, my bikini tops aren’t tested half as much as my bras.  There’s the issue of a different fabric, I was advised to size up, stick with my size, and size down all by different people, because of the stretch of the material in bikini tops. I ended up with some size variations because I was sale shopping, but it seems that sticking with my bra size was the best thing to do.

I got;

Freya Lindy hop, 30FF top and XS bottoms, which I bought from large cup lingerie at a bargain price, but it’s discontinued and now difficult to get a hold of.

Image Image



The top is what I’d call a ‘bra bikini’, in shape, and fits similarly to a bra, the straps are fully adjustable and the bottoms are a ‘short’ kind of cut, maybe more high waisted than many bikini bottoms.

So at the time, the top seemed to fit just fine dry, but expanded a bit in water and the cups seemed a bit big when I got out of the pool. Bear in mind I was wearing a 28FF bra at this time, so I’m guessing that it’s pretty much true to size. I love the cut of the bottoms, I don’t like to be too exposed down there, these fit like a dream and I love them.

Freya Pier Red 28FF top and XS bottoms, which I bought in a facebook buy/sell group

Image     Image

The top is a halter-style, fastens with a clip at the back and ties around the neck. The top fit perfectly and didn’t fluctuate in water like the Lindy Hop, the bottoms well, I probably should have gone up a size.

The ruffles still looked okay when wet, I half expected them to stick to my boobs at the first sign of water, but thankfully not.

Freya Kansas 30F top and XS bottoms, from asos

This is the same cut as the pier in the top, and the bottoms are lower cut with a thicker skirt along the top, cute. This was perhaps a little smaller than the Pier in the top, the 30F seemed to cut in slightly were the 28FF pier was fine. I didn’t actually get to road test this one, I maybe took too much advantage of the dinner buffets and the bottoms were less than flattering by the time I got round to wearing it. Oops.

Another holiday in 2 months (lucky me, I know) means I need some more bikinis, especially if I plan on eating a lot there…. I’m not convinced that I’m going to try any more Freya. I am a fan of lightly padded bikinis, I don’t like the ‘smuggling peanuts’ look on myself and feel a bit more secure in them. It seems that for a lot of non-freya bikinis, to have a wide choice I need to sister size to a 30F/FF, although the Cleo Pippa and Dolly have caught my eye, and have good size ranges, 28-38, D-H/J, so watch this space 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bikini round up: Freya

  1. The Lindy Hop is adorable on you! The Pier as well of course, I’ve just loved the Lindy Hop since I first saw it 😛

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