Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Rita’ Multi-way Bra

I tried this bra both in a 38J and in a 42HH (to account for there being no 40J)…..The bra reviewed here is a 42HH. The cups in the 38J were too small for me.


IMG_3825 IMG_3833 IMG_3741


Features: 4-part cup construction, fully adjustable straps, 3 sets of 3 hooks and eyes, wide center gore, J-hook option for racerback, scalloped detail.

Fit: The cups in the 42HH are a smidge too big for me, which is better than being too small. Also, the band is too big on me, and this tends to ride up throughout the day. The gore does not sit all the way flat, mostly due to the cups being a bit too big and there not being enough tension on the wires.

Wire Height and Width: The wires are a normal width for Elomi bras, and a little bit higher than some of their other styles like the Abi or the Valentina.

Support and Shape: The support and shape of this bra is similar to what you can expect from Elomi bras; always more wide and less pronounced than other brands (like Panache or Ewa Michalak). The racerback option really gives great lift when you use it. I REALLY dislike the floppiness of Elomi’s bands; basically, the material for the band is really, really, really stretchy and even in a super snug or super big band size, their bands roll on my body. I need a firmer material (like with the Panache Sculptresse Bellise) that will tack to my squishy parts better. I literally have to have the band on this bra sit higher up on my back (away from my rolls) in order for it not to flip as bad.

Look and Feel: The materials are soooooo soft and cozy. I love the scalloped detail as it makes this bra flirty and fun.

Pros: Racerback option, color (hello PINK!!), style

Cons: The material is so loose and stretchy that it wrinkles a lot. The straps are fairly stretchy and long, which is different for Elomi.

Final Thoughts: I wear this at work a lot because it’s comfortable for a long day moving around. I will note that while the racerback gives a lot of support, I would recommend finding a good spot for your J-hook connection (it is adjustable), because if it is in the wrong place, it can put all of the weight of your breasts on your neck.

Overall Grade: B+

This bra is currently on offer at Nordstrom in limited sizes for about $40.00.


One thought on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Rita’ Multi-way Bra

  1. I think I know what you mean about the bands on Elomis. The bottom half is tight, the top half loose (at least that’s what I find). It can give a strange shape and fit. I find I prefer Panache/Cleo bands that are deep and stretchy. I’m still working on a good Elomis fit -and I the Rita is on my list. Thanks for the review!

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