Plus Size Bra Review: Tutti Rouge ‘Liliana’

I know that there are tons of TR Liliana reviews out in the blog world right now, but none in my size range. And, I’ve seen the comments made that the bands are snug and the cups are small. So here I am to weigh in.

I ordered the Liliana from Bravissimo in a size 38J. As you’ll see in photos, the cups are definitely too small. But the bra is just so damn cute!



Features: Three part cup construction, lower half light padding, fully adjustable straps, lower center gore, gorgeous detailing

Fit: Obviously, the 38J is about 2-3 cup sizes too small for me, sizing me out of the range completely. I figured it would be a crap shoot for sizing, but I wanted to try it anyways. The straps were a good width for me, and contrary to what others have said, I feel like the 38 was spot on; not as tight as Panache bands and not as loose as Elomi or Freya, but just right (very Goldilocks and the three bears comfy). I am not filling out the bottom of the cups, meaning that they are quite shallow. This isn’t really a problem that I am used to having.

Support and Shape: From the front, this bra looks so nice…..and you can kind of see how it would give a really nice rounded shape from the side. The support is really, really great. The padding on the lower half provides a nice, comfortable level of support.

Wire Width and Height:Β Just spot on πŸ™‚

Look and Feel: I mean….c’mon. How cute is this bra? And the materials are really, really nice.

Pros: Lower center gore, charming design, comfortable straps, wires, and cups….and literally the most comfortable bra I have *EVER* had on my body

Cons: Cups are shallow; I would suggest going for your CK or Bravissimo size if you want to try this (versus say a Panache, Freya or Elomi size).

Other thoughts: I think that, if Tutti Rouge were to expand their size range, they would have a HUGE customer base because all of their styles are super cute and flirty/fun. The size range for the Liliana is DD-J, but I would say that a realistic representation of the size range of this bra is more like C-GG/H most likely. I have yet to see this fit anyone over an FF, and so I feel confident saying that this is not a viable option for ladies that are H+ in the cup range. Which is a shame because this bra is fabulous.Β It’s possible that others are finding the band to come up snug because they cannot swoop and scoop all of their tissue into the cups, but this is just speculation.

Overall Grade: B+ (A+ for style!)

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***Also, I have this bra, still with tags, and would like to sell it. So anyone in the 38GG/H/HH range that might be interested in it, please contact me using the form below πŸ™‚ ***

7 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Tutti Rouge ‘Liliana’

  1. I loved this bra when I tried it, the 32J was the best fit I’ve gotten for a while, I just couldn’t afford it 😦

  2. Im a 32j /32hh depending on brands and i bought the tutti rouge Lilliana in 32j and the bands is nice and snug and cups just fit , i wear a 32j in bravissimo satine/betty may bras and 32hh in curvy kate bikini tops , 32j in panache tankini , i love its so cute and comfy ! So HH/J wearer is possible in this bra, i was thinking of reviewing it myself , i have close set bottom heavy breasts.

    • Yes, you see, I usually wear 30J in cleo, panache and freya – this is not the same 30J you get in bravissimo an curvy kate, especially in plunges and halfcups. They are much smaller then “my” 30J or Nicole’s 38J πŸ˜‰ And there’s that full on top / full on bottom difference too..

  3. Yep, I had about the same amount of overspill in 30J, but what trully amazed me is that even in that much too small bra – the gore sat flush against the sternum! Was it the same with you?
    I really am trouble explaining that one, because I have problems with gores even too big bras o.O

    P.S. I thought the same about the band but then I measured it πŸ˜‰

  4. I hope Tutti Rouge’s launch goes exceptionally well, and they consider expanding the size range. The color looks lovely on you, but it’s such a shame about the cups. 😦 I actually wore mine all day for the first time on Friday of last week, and I forgot I had it on! The band on mine was definitely smaller than my other 30s but after a couple hours of wear at home, it loosened up. I think the balance between the wider wires but lower sides will make this a nice alternative for women who can’t wear Curvy Kate.

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