Lady V London; Swing dresses

As soon as I discovered Lady V London, they pretty much became my go-to place for pretty dresses. I have so far tried their wiggle dress, day dress and the swing dress which I have two of, and would wear them alternately everyday if I could. I was a little unsure of ordering to begin with, these dresses usually look amazing on girls much curvier than I, but  they turned out pretty well for me.

My dresses: Size 8 (waist 26″ bust 32″) Black ‘Birds of Fantasy’ dress that isn’t available any longer 

 Size 10 Blue floral dress (waist 28″ bust 34″), which can be seen here

And a baby blue petticoat, here

 The Birds of fantasy dress is a size smaller than the blue floral, and felt too tight on the waist after I’d sat down and eaten (my waist is around 26.5/27”) and the bust room was a little tight, although I don’t mind the ‘squashed cleavage’ look in this dress, I think it looks okay. The final problem with fit for me is the shoulders and back, I’m constantly adjusting shoulders and backs of dresses so this isn’t a specific Lady V issue, but the dress is going to need altering.




 The Blue floral dress, in a size 10 then, fits much better on the bust whilst needing to be pinned in at the waist a little. The shoulder and back bagginess is worse, and in the pictures I have about half a packet of safety pins in the dress to make a good fit. This looks great with or without the petticoat, and I mostly wear it without because it’s easier to walk around and do practical things in on it’s own. Although wearing a petticoat does make me feel like a disney princess…



BUT, even though the fit is awkward for me, I will still buy these dresses anytime I have spare cash. I absolutely love them and they are worth the alterations.  I like to put a pin in the front to make a sweetheart neckline and show a little more cleavage when I’m wearing one for a night out or something other than a daytime dress, which the dress lends itself to easily:



So I definitely recommend one of these dresses to everyone. They’re not something I would usually wear, and are longer looser and have a higher neckline than the rest of my dresses, but worth making an exception for. 

Fit: 6/10

Look: 9/10

Comfort: 8/10

-Amy (Apologies for the bad photos, I am unphotogenic and my boyfriend is a terrible photographer, so it was never destined to turn out as well as I wanted)

One thought on “Lady V London; Swing dresses

  1. You look beautiful in all of them! It seems that they wouldn’t work so well for busts at the largest end of the spectrum, though, yes? I haven’t tried one yet, and the feeling that my bust wouldn’t fit is the main reason. Do you think one would be better than the others for this?

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