Ewa Michalak CHP Mak Nowa Koronka; review and strap alteration.

I went for my usual size in this bra, 60G, because my 65FF HP Cielus fits in the cups but is too big in the band. I don’t know what it is with Ewa’s band sizing but in the PL and CH/CHP that I’ve tried, the 65 is too big and the custom 60 is too small, so I’m going with a 60 band and wearing an extender.

60G is a custom order and I also requested a 3 hook fastening, which means that it was non refundable if it didn’t fit, and cost an extra 20pln, which I really do not agree with/think is fair, and why I put off making an order for so long.


The bra came within about 3 and a half weeks of ordering, not bad for a custom order, and I am really very pleased with it. The cups are a perfect fit, the band with an extender is perfect and it’s a gorgeous bright red with creamy silver accents on the band. The only problem, and very big problem, is the strap placement. The straps are almost under my arms, which is uncomfortable and also means that moving my arms around makes the cups gape. A lot of petite women have this problem with the CHP, which is a brilliant bra otherwise, so I decided to move the straps. This is not meant to be any kind of tutorial, I am not qualified to show anyone how to alter bras, just wanted to show you what I did.


Much too wide strap placement

1. Unpick the stitched holding the strap on. This is not easy, they are sewed on tight, but keep at it.


Straps unpicked after about half an hour with a seam ripper

2. Pin the strap in different positions and find out where is best for you, I moved mine about 2 cm inwards.

3. Sew the straps back on by hand and check the fit again, then machine sew them with 2 rows of straight stitch, emulating how they were attached in the first place.


I folded the strap back on itself, the same way it was attached in the first place

4. Neaten up the edges where the straps were removed, possibly add more bows in the new strap position which I intend to do just for aesthetics.


New strap placement

I know there are better ways to do this, Dressing curves has a better, more professional looking way of doing this, here. But I’m very happy with how my alteration went, and the bra is so much more comfortable and fits better now 🙂

So, after the alteration I can give this bra a much more optimistic review.


The shape is rounded and projected, but not rounded like the deco shape, more of a natural looking teardrop shape. The wires are narrow, typical of EM, but perhaps wider than the PL and about the same as the CH (only other styles I’ve tried). The band is very firm, and I think without the extender this would be a good fit for someone who needs a 26 band.

Overall, I love the bra and it was worth buying and altering. Despite the extra cost and non-returnable status, I will probably buy another CHP in the future, I LOVE this shape:

Photo on 04-06-2013 at 11.09 (copy 2)

Fit; 9/10

Look; 9/10

Comfort; 8/10


11 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak CHP Mak Nowa Koronka; review and strap alteration.

  1. The reason that cups are wide/straps wide set on these custom orders is that EM does not actually grade the cups to the band on custom small band orders. Instead, they just put a big cup (like say, the cup to the next size up) on a smaller band.

    I really hope that other companies advance into the small band and big cup market, so ladies will have options besides EM!

  2. Now that I have seen EM’s photo story about this issue, I think she has a point. The bra has a LOT more coverage on you than it has on the model on her website, it is wider on you, and it doesn’t give the “up and round” shape that EM bras are known for.

    I don’t think EM’s response addresses the issue of band size, though. BUt she does argue that you’re in a too-large cup. So if this band size is comfortable for you, then why not size down in a cup, and see if this problem goes away?

    • I did not just decide I needed this cup size, I have tried a cup smaller. i have had EM bras in 60F, 60FF, 65F previously. To me, if the top of the cup cuts and creates quadboob in even when the straps are loosened so much they slip off my shoulders, then the cup is too small.

      I appreciate what you say about coverage but this happens to me with most bras. I am ‘petite’ and have a small chest so most bras look fuller coverage on me.

      I never intended to just target ewa with my strap issues, I said in the post that I have this issue with a lot of brands, and I move the straps in on quite a few of my bras.

      I’m pretty sure now that ewa Michalak bras are just not for me, although I did think they gave me a rounded shape.

      • I didn’t think you just arbitrarily chose that size; I never doubted that you tried several others, and I’m sorry to have given any other impression.

        I’m sure this whole kerfluffle has been very frustrating.

        • I didn’t mean to be short with you, I’m sorry. But you are right, I feel like I’m defending myself and have explained the same thing to many different people recently. I just wish ewa hadn’t linked my post, I was just showing how I improved the fit for me personally and I didn’t mean to suggest anything was wrong with her bras.

          • Yeah, I think her behavior has been really rude.

            I don’t know if you saw my comment on her blog, but I said that I think she might retain more customers if she handled this as an education and service issue; instead of telling people “you’re doing it wrong”, she could do more to make her fitting instructions and process more clear. I told her straight up that most people think the sizing process for EM is a mystery or a joke.

            She replied that she is angry because people are blaming her! So, I do think that her personal response is a big problem: I know as an artist that it is hard not to take critique personally, but you HAVE to be able to do it in order to be a success.

            And she never has any response to the many fitting errors created by her size chart and measuring instructions 😦

  3. I’m sorry to write it, but this is not the good size for you, the cups are clearly too big for your breast. Your breast is not rounded nor nicely presented it is just covered, yes,completely covered by the bra. I think in better fitted bra the effect would be much better and your cleveage will look a lot nicer.

    I’m writing this opinion because I did the same thing as you did. I took too tight band and too big cup. The result was the same, the smaller the band the more the cup cut the upper part of the boob so I thought the cup was too small. Believe me, I was in that point and I thought that maybe it is something wrong with the EM bras, but I happened to be in a shop where EM bras are sold and the brafitter offered me a bra in a size of smaller cup that i would ever try. At first I thought it is too small, but after a while and after i put my boobs PROPERLY in the bra, all matched just perfect and i realised how wrong I was going for too tight band and too big cups. I also thought I am petite but I just put on bras in wrong sizes.

    • I have tried to wear a 65F, it was too small and the cup cutting into the top if my breast could be seen through clothes, this is NOT how I want to wear a bra.

      Just because it works for you does not mean it will work for me. Maybe the polish bra fitting style does not agree with me, my breasts are full on top and so just can’t take smaller cups that cut in at the top.

      I thank you for your concern, but please believe me when I say I have tried, and the 65f bra was not good on me. I wish I had taken photos that I could show you but I didn’t write a blog then so I did not take photos of my bras.

  4. hmmm it could be the structure of the breast, mine are full at the bottom yours at top. So perhaps you should try other constructions.

    Because the bra you are wearing really doesn’t look good. I mean it hides instead of defining your breast. When I had the wrong size it really looks just the same on me, but when I tried really really properly fitted bra (although earlier I thougt my bras are just fine) I spotted the huge difference in the comfort of wearing a bra and the look of breast in the bra.

    I think it is really bad you can’t just put on different sizes and you have to waste a lot of money to buy a bra you are not sure would fit.

    And have you tried 65f from just the same model of the bra? Unfortunately EM’s bras can be so different among the same size and different models that it sometimes annoys me, e.g. 65 in Onyks is the same as 70 in cappucino and so on. I think it’s related to the material used but I’m not an expert but perhaps they should change the sizing a bit then.

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