Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Renee’


Image courtesy of Elomi Lingerie


The Renee is available in sizes 34 G-JJ, 36-42 E-JJ, and 44 E-G for about $70.00 from various retailers

When I tried this bra, I ordered it in both a 38J and a 40J; I decided that the 40J was the best fit of the two I received.




I think I would have liked to see what a 40JJ did for my side fluff that seems to be a problem, however I did have empty space in the top of these cups and the problem would only have been exacerbated more with a bigger cup size.

Features: Fully adjustable straps, bows on straps and gore, 4 part cup construction, banded bra, floral print, 3 rows of 3 hook-and-eyes in the 40J and the 38J.

Fit: To me, this seemed like a whole lot of bra. However, I would say that the band of the Renee runs truer to size than most Elomi bras, as the band did not stretch as much as I would have expected. The straps are more centered on the cups (instead of more to the outside of the cups), and I think that this is why the bra cuts in so much in the arm area; I like a more wide set strap because I have fairly broad shoulders I guess, and this centered strap placement didn’t really appeal to me. Although, it was nice to have the weight of my breasts set differently on my body. As mentioned, there was some gaping at the top of the cup.

Support and Shape: The support in this bra was very secure, and the shape is what you can expect from Elomi’s banded bras (think the Libby as well).

Wire Height and Width: No complaints; the wires were comfortable under my arms, and were a good width for covering all of my side tissue.

Look and Feel: I was a little disappointed with this bra. The stock photo on the model makes the Renee look a little Victorian and sexy with the sheer upper panel of the bra. However, I think this must be a feature in the smaller cup sizes because the Renee in a 40J was fully lined, even in the top cup. To me, the bra looks a little less delicate. Also, the material used is similar to the material that Elomi uses for the Betty bras (starchy, less flexible, and heavy), and I think the material mutes the pretty flower print, making this bra look almost rather depressing.

Pros: Centered straps are great for people with narrow shoulders, the support is spot on, and the banded portion provides that bit of extra support.

Cons: The press photos are misleading in that the larger cup sizes are fully lined, and the material is (personally) not my favorite.

Overall Grade: A-

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4 thoughts on “Plus Size Bra Review: Elomi ‘Renee’

  1. In my quest to find the perfect bra for me, I tried the Renee. I ended up sending in back because it cut under the arms, the material was too scratchy, and the cups were too big at the top. I wanted to love it so much.

    So far it looks like the only bras that I LOVE are the Elomi Libby and the Panache Jasmine. The Elomi Valentina is almost love as is the Rita.

    I do like my straps more centered and I’m going to alter a few of the bras I have purchased.

  2. I’ve seen the bra in the smaller size range (E and F cups), and it’s not nearly as sheer as the photos indicate. Having said that, since it uses the same frame as the Libby/Rita, the fit is often pretty good and rather comfortable. I do wish they would find an alternative fabric though because it does seem rather stiff to me. Great review!!

  3. Renee was a great fit for me. Yes indeed, it is a lot of bra, very full coverage. Being shallow on top and soft, I had no cutting in on top issues. Actually, once washed the net material is not too bad. I guess I have gotten used to the material from wearing Maggie. I can’t wear Panache Jasmine because of the stretch lace and have been looking for something that has more forward projection than Abi and Maggie. For me the Renee is a more “upfront” fit than other Elomi styles.

  4. What a helpful review. I have been looking for plus sized bras ever since having my second child. It’s been a hassle just to find a store that has larger sizes. I’ve tried a few online places and had great success, plus it’s easy to order them instead of having to plan an outing with the kids. Thanks so much for the review though!

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