Miss Mandalay Red Gingham Bikini

I purchased this bikni on sale from asos.com, and as usual in a sale they just didn’t have my size. I bought a 30F top and UK12 bottoms, hoping that they might just work for me. Turns out, it’s definitely wearable.

The top: The cups are narrow and deep, which suits me just fine. The 30 band is true to size, which is okay for me in a bikini which is not to be worn for walking around all day, but I would be wanting a 28 band if this was a bra. Being a 30F, the cups are a bit small on me, but f the bit of quadboob I have is hidden by the ruffles, and it’s perfectly comfortable for me to wear. 


The bottoms: They’re a bit big so I’m gonna say they’re true to size, they wrinkle and sag a bit in the bum, I would have been better off with a UK10. I plan to just make a small dart in each side to tighten them up and ease my mind when getting out of public swimming pools…  The ruffles are very flattering, and I love low rise shorts like these, I like quite a bit of coverage with my bikini bottoms.


Aesthetics: Absolutely no complaints! What can I say, just look at this bikini, it’s amazing. The red works really well, I actually prefer it to the black version, and the ruffles on the cleavage and hips accentuate all my best bits. I’m most excited to wear this on the beach in 3 weeks time, and the top is gonna looks really cute paired with denim shorts.

The only downside? I wish there’d been a 30FF and Uk10 in stock, but I can hardly blame the bikini for that.

There’s a few sizes left on the Miss Mandalay site, if  you’re lucky enough to be one of those sizes, I can’t recommend this bikini more. 


4 thoughts on “Miss Mandalay Red Gingham Bikini

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