Freya Patsy longline, with boning.

I LOVE my Freya longlines, I have Just Flew In, Carys and my newest addition, Patsy. The fit is great, apart from one thing; the bands flip up. I like to wear them as tops with high waisted skirts so this is an issue, it ends up looking much more bra-like when the band rides up. My solution? Put boning in the sides, like in the deco shape, which incidentally, stays put perfectly. 

I’m using this as boning, it’s very light, rigid enough to keep the band down but bends when I do for comfort. It’s made of soft plastic, soft enough for me to stitch right onto it with my sewing machine, great for a lazy person like me. The only issue is the ends can be stabby, which I realised after wearing it for a few hours.

My method:

1. I cut the boning (with the biggest pair of scissors I can find) into a strip that fits the length of the band, minus the top and bottom seam. I use one piece under each cup, and one at each side wing, and this seems to be enough. Tuck the boning under the top and bottom seams of the band.



2. Using a straight stitch (this is because I don’t trust myself to get it right first time) I stitch it into place, then try it on. With the boning under the cups, be sure to lift the foot of the sewing machine over the underwire to get close with the stitching. [Note: at this point, I’d put a small piece of soft fabric underneath the top and bottom of the piece of boning underneath the cups at the front, experience has taught me that it can dig in and pinch here]


3. Wide zig zag stitch over the top of the boning when it’s in place and comfortable, trying not to interfere too much the the elastic top and bottom of the band.ImageI don’t think it looks too bad from the front, the thread matches and sort-of blends in as seams. 


And finally, be brave and show it off. This is not a bra that was destined to ever be worn under a black t shirt…



9 thoughts on “Freya Patsy longline, with boning.

  1. I wore my Piper last week (as a top, underneath a see-through lace top), and I had this problem pretty bad. (Especially since it’s a 30 band, and thus technically too big for me.) I wanted to put boning in, but was worried about it being stabby when I sit down, so thanks for the tip on the flexible boning! I’ll definitely have to try it out 🙂

    • Maybe a bit of fabric under the boning, I got a bit of stab from the ends of the boning when I sat so I’m gonna put something under it soon as I get time 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I wish I could fit into the longlines so that I could wear them as tops 😦 I might get a 34G or something anyway just to have as a top, it’ll be supportive *enough* for something that I’d mostly be buying for the fashion! And I’ve found I can easily go up to a 30 for a longline because of the shape of my stomach, so it would only be 2 band sizes too big, not 3…. right? I’m just trying to talk myself into it 😛

    Until I talk myself into that though, maybe Made In Preston’s bralet tops will fill the longline bra’s void!

    • Get one and wear a bra under? Maybe?

      I am jealous that you get to try MIP, you must review as soon as it arrives please 😛

    • Haha, I’ve totally been tempted to get a 34G longline too! I tried a 36G on at Nordstrom Rack and the band was gigantic on me. . . I could do a 32 if they made a 32GG/H, but I think a 34 might be a bit of a stretch. I’m also looking forward to your MIP review, the bralets are one of the few things I like on the website.

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