Cleo Melissa review, 28G

I have always, since I started to wear properly fitted bras, lusted after the bright colours and fun patterns that Cleo bring out season after season. The first cleo I tried was the Jude, which didn’t work for me, then came the Marcie, and I fell in love. Unfortunately I eventually passed it on due to size changes and never got around to buying another, so when I got the chance to try the equally pretty Melissa, I was very excited.

The shape is different from Marcie, it’s not as full on top specific, which I think will make it work for more women. The pattern is beautiful, I especially love the red scalloped lace on the top, which is not irritating as I worried it might be, but very comfortable and provides a little bit of stretch. The shape is very round, typical of Cleo, and looks great under most clothes.

You might have noticed that I’m not really an unpadded bra kind of girl, I find it hard to get the same lift and shape that padded or lined bras provide, and always feel a bit vulnerable in them, but this hits the nail right on the head and is something I will get wear out of especially in summer.


The fit: The band is a little tighter than other brands, Freya for example, but standard to other Cleo 28 bands. The wires are average-wide, a little wide for me but wearable, and the cups feel true to size. I get a small amount of wrinkle in the bottom of the cups, a regular problem for me, again not a huge issue in the wearability of this bra.

Overall, this bra scores 9/10 for me, it really is beautiful, lifted and round, with minor fit issues.


P.s. this bra was sent to me by Panache Cleo for review purposes

One thought on “Cleo Melissa review, 28G

  1. Glad this bra worked for you! Melissa was a disaster on me. Lots of gaping in the 28FF, not enough room in the F. Sad times because it’s adorable!

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