Totally tartan half-cup, 30FF

I’m a huge fan of cute printed underwear, so this took my eye when it came out a while ago. This is not available in a 28 band however, so knowing I’d have to alter it, I waited for it to be in the sale, and when it finally appeared, bought the set in a 30FF and S bottoms.

Nicole previously reviewed the balcony plunge version of this bra, but I’m looking at the padded half cup because Freya’s unpadded balcony plunges are awful on me.

Firstly, I have fit issues with this bra. The bottom is too shallow and I really just cannot get it to sit in my underboob crease at all, making some wrinkling that you can see in the bottom of the cup. The wires, are way too wide for me, to the point where I considered trying a 30F to improve this, but the cup digs in just slightly on bigger boob as it is, so I don’t think this is an option. And finally, the straps are too wide set on me, they slip and move around when I move.

But, I love this bra, so I really wanted to make it work.

Firstly I did a quick and dirty band alteration, I folded some of the side in on itself and sewed into place. It’s still too big, but for now it’s wearable. Inspired by Petite & Plentiful and her post on how she improved the fit of Tutti Rouge’s ‘Betty’, I used a tie wrap to fasten the strap adjusters together at the back, making a halter neck. As for the wires and bottom of cups, nothing I can do without comprising the bra. I wore this for a whole day around a theme park, and it was amazing and very supported, the difference that the halter neck made was especially brilliant, and the wires didn’t bother me.


The band is true to size for Freya, so n the larger side, and the cups seem true to size although the bottom shallowness means I’m spilling over the top just a little. The shape is rounded and lifted, but less extreme and more natural looking than the deco. The straps are fully adjustable and quite wide, making for very comfortable shoulders. The seams on the cups are not great for those conscious of them showing through t-shirts, you can see them, but personally it doesn’t bother me.


I’m excited for the autumn winter range, to see the padded half cup made in a 28 band, because even through the fit issues I like this shape, and a 28G would be even better.


P.S, Nicole’s review:
Petite & Plentiful’s racerback tutorial:

2 thoughts on “Totally tartan half-cup, 30FF

  1. She looks lovely on you post-alteration! It really is a fun print, thank god Freya is bringing it in 28″s next season. I’m surprised to read about the wide wires, Freya is usually known for their more narrow ones.

    & thanks for the mention dear!


    • Yeah, I’m really narrow so most Freya is too wide, this seems super wide but maybe because its a 30 band.

      And thankyou 🙂

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