Collectif Gretel Gingham Swing Dress

Gretel Gingham Dress Georgina

Image courtesy of Collectif; Model: Georgina;

I can’t tell you how excited I was when Collectif announced that they were having a 50% off sale on their entire stock last week! I told my husband that he would have to get on the site and order the dress for me (the sale started at 2pm EST) because I would be at work….and surely, the dresses would be sold out by the time I got home at 7.

Well, my husband certainly pulled through and got the Gretel Gingham swing dress ordered for me in a UK22 (US18). I was torn between this dress and another (particularly because it is a halter), but I am so happy with my choice! I was so surprised that it only took a week to get here, and with the dress being only $63 including shipping, I was so excited about my first purchase from Collectif!

Without further ado…..

Hair up to show halter

Hair up to show halter

The sun was bright. And my husband is ridiculous.

The sun was bright. And my husband is ridiculous.


IMG_4411 IMG_4412


My god daughter gave me that hello kitty panda tattoo at her 6th birthday party on Sunday. Hard core!!

No belt

No belt

Features: Side zip, full swing skirt, halter tie neck, heart shaped button front, white lacey trim; slightly stretchy fabric

Fit: My boobs were smashed; I think that had I had maybe like….2 more inches of boob room, I would have had no smushing. As such, I don’t really care that they are smashed or that the buttons pull. I think it gives it character.

Style: I think the belt is absolutely necessary in order to balance my shape, break up the color, and highlight my waist line.

Sidebar: I don’t actually own a strapless bra, so I tucked in the straps of my Elomi Eva bra (review coming soon, promise); and honestly….the dress smashed my boobs so much that the bra held up just fine 🙂

Overall grade: A+ Such a great first experience with Collectif as a brand.

Sadly, due to the massive sale on the site, this dress is only available in limited sizes on

6 thoughts on “Collectif Gretel Gingham Swing Dress

  1. Wow!
    The dress looks amazing on you, and you look amazing in it! I’m in love… and jealous! Your husband is a lucky man… 😉

    I adore your courage, especially considering where you come from, it’s not too many among plus sized women that have the self confidence to dress up that girly, playfully and sexy, not to mention showing it to the whole world, no matter how sexy and good looking they really are. You’re surely a great role model for many of your readers!

    I hope someday my own lady would end up on a site like yours, right now she’s too self conscious for me to even suggest her coming here, and completely oblivious/ignorant to my worship towards her..

    Anyway, you have a wonderful blog, keep up the good job!

  2. Yes, this looks great like I said before! I actually like it without the belt as well; it looks even more girly that way. Re the smashing the boobs: I don’t think the pulling of the buttons looks too bad and this dress looks nice when it’s tight on the bust! It gives a bit of a tavern wench -kind of feel to the dress, if you catch my drift. 😀

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