My first Urkye

Urkye: A full bust friendly clothing brand based in Poland.

I have wanted to try Urkye for some time now, they appeal more to me than other full bust companies who seem to make clothes catering to more mature, perhaps modest tastes than mine. I love the bright colours and cute cuts of Urkye, their fun themed photoshoots and unphotoshopped models get a big thumbs up from me. 

I ordered the “Dwulicowa emeraldowa tuba” basically a lime green wrap-style sleeveless top (I’d call it a vest-top but I think US folks call it a tank-top)


I ordered a 34o/oo, Urkye sizing is explained in the chart here, and although I measure as a 36o/oo I was advised to size down and the fit is quite perfect, maybe down to the stretch of the material. For reference, I wear a UK10/US6, 27″ waist 35″ bust. 


The ordering process was easy with a good currency converting website on hand, the clothes are very well priced in my opinion and shipping is reasonable.

The bust wrap-over is quite versatile, it can be pulled up for modesty, or positioned lower if you like to show off cleavage like I do.


I road-tested this on a few water rides during my visit to florida, the front wrap fell down a bit during a particularly violent soaking, just as the ride photo was taken (at least I was wearing a cute bra – my deco flamingo) but stood up to everything else: Definitely a top practical enough for everyday wear.


Absolutely drenched and still looking great!

As simple as this top is, I found it can easily be dressed up for a night out or a date, here it is with a high waisted pencil skirt and waist belt.


My verdict: This isn’t a style or colour I’d usually wear, but I appreciate not having to pull my top up over my bra every 5 minutes, and the colour is fun and quirky. I will likely buy some more Urkye items in future… I’m looking at you, “Kieska 3/4 w czerwieni”




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