The bra that made me love my boobs again.

I used to love my boobs, when I was younger, I really did. They looked awesome and cleavagey in my La Senza 32Cs, and a low cut top was a sure fire confidence booster for me.

Getting properly fitted into a 28E, at around December time, was definitely more comfortable, and my back pain was all but gone. But so was my cleavage. I found myself sighing at the mirror, in well fitted bras that didn’t spill over in that sexy ‘too small bra’ kind of way that I knew and loved. There’s no way I’d go back to those bras, but I tried all the ‘cleavage bras’, Freya Deco, Gossard ego boost, Curvy Kate Tempt Me, and none of them brought back that wow factor I wanted.

Fast forward a few months and I’m in a hotel room in manchester waiting to board an early morning flight, I pull out of my suitcase a bra I bought cheaply on ebay but haven’t tried on yet, and I give it a go. The band is tight, but I have an extender with me so no worries, and the straps are wide so I put on a racerback clip, I look in the mirror and..


And just like that, I was happy again, and I felt amazing. I spent all of my holiday strutting around in bikinis and wearing bralets, and even wearing this bra as a top, and I loved every minute of it.

I am of course, talking about the Masquerade Rhea.


And this is infact, the photo I took in that hotel room where I loved my boobs again.

I since outgrew the 28FF, and I have 3 in 28G sat proudly in my bra-drobe, and they get worn a LOT. My favourite has the straps moved in, the other two are awaiting this treatment, but get worn racerback style.

Here’s a comparison of the three I currently have.

The ice blue, is the bra as it comes, no add ons, the purple, has the straps tied into a racerback, and the bottom one, the antique, I moved the straps inwards and this is the one I like best.

rheaside (copy)rheafront (copy)

Sidenote: The bottom one looks too small, I know, I foolishly pulled my shoulders back for the side-on photo and didn’t realise until later. It fits, I promise 🙂

This is a bra that I cannot recommend enough to anyone whose boobs are narrow(ish) rooted and full on top, it is extremely flattering, but comfortable and versatile as an everyday bra too.

But, it is obviously not without it’s drawbacks. The band is not great, not great at all, it’s firm, which is good for me at the moment and I no longer need to use an extender, but it is only partially stretchy and can cut in, in an unsightly manner. But I don’t find it uncomfortable, and it doesn’t bother me unless I catch a glimpse of my back in this bra. The other issue is one I discussed, the straps being too wide set. I don’t want to discuss this further in fear of the designer becoming offended and accusing me of wearing the wrong size, but I do have this problem in a lot of bras, so I know this won’t be an issue for everyone. I also shortened the halfway adjustable straps, because they were slipping off my shoulders. Silky and too long is not a good combination for bra straps.

Considering it’s downfalls, I go a long way to make this bra work for me, because it really does feel amazing. If you fall into the size range and haven’t tried one yet, give it a go, you might just love it.


P.S Here’s some other perspectives on this bra; Bras I Hate & Love, PetitePlentiful, Sophisticated Pair, Undiegamer, NoobsBoobs

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