Alexis Smith’s “Love me in lace” reviewed

Alexis Smith is a brand I hadn’t heard or seen much about, and I’m out to try every brand that makes my size or close to it, so when Large Cup Lingerie offered me this bra to try, I snapped it up.

Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.57

The brand arrived in 2010, due to the designer’s difficulty in finding cute feminine bras in 32F, and has grown to be stocked internationally and endorsed by reality TV stars in the years since. They specialise in plunge bras, in sizes 30-34 D-G with a few 36 bands, read some more about them here.

I received a white ‘Love me in Lace’ set in size 30G, a band and cup bigger than my usual size, as I had heard that they run small in both aspects. I had some high hopes for this bra, the tiny low gore and plunging shape give ‘stop-and-stare’ cleavage on the model, and it looks great.

Photo on 11-08-2013 at 19.01Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.57 #2

Sizing: The band is too big, it rides up my back and doesn’t feel supportive even on the tightest hook. This is what I would expect from a typical 30″ band on me, and I didn’t find it to run tight like other women have. The cups are too closed, I have cutting in along the top (this is magnified when I pull the band in or use a rixie clip to make it fit) and the gore doesn’t lay flat to my chest, again making the bra feel unsupportive. The straps are half adjustable and very thin, and don’t adjust as short as I’d want, again compromising the support.

Photo on 11-08-2013 at 19.01 #2

Photo on 05-08-2013 at 13.58


The fit: Aside from the size issue, I like the shape of this bra. The wires are narrow which is good for me, and the cups are nicely rounded, I only wish they were a little more open. The bottom of the cup is too shallow for me, a common problem I experience where the bottom of the cup wrinkles and can’t be pulled up far enough (not helped by half-adjstable straps).

Aesthetics: On their website, the designer does state that these bras are less supportive than others out there in this size market, because the support is not needed for younger women. This is subjective, but it does explain why I feel quite insecure compared to the bras I am used to wearing. I must say however that using less supportive materials does make for a very pretty, feminine bra, the thin, lace edged straps and the flimsy white lace band are indeed very beautiful. The low, almost non existent gore covered with a bow doesn’t tack properly, but it gives less coverage and more cleavage.

Unfortunately this bra wouldn’t work for me as anything more than a bedroom bra; I like more lift and support than this, and don’t fit into the size range. For someone with firm, self-supporting boobs who wants a pretty, low coverage bra, this is the one.



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