Braless in Brasil’s original #Diversity in Lingerie post.Image What #DiversityInLingerie means to me

All different kinds of women all over the world wear lingerie, yet only  a minority are represented in advertising. Young, slim, white women dominate the pages of lingerie websites and catalogues, and even those of us who fall into that category are tired of it. I want to see variety, I want to see older women, trans women, women of ALL body sizes, unphotoshopped women, women with small breasts, women with large breasts, women with augmented breasts, women without breasts,  women with scars and stretch marks, muscular women, women with tattoos, women with spots, disabled women, women with cellulite, women with short hair, women with different figures, women with body hair, women who identify as women, ALL the women, and I want to see more ethnic diversity.

This is the tag on the bra I am wearing.*


But my knickers? They’re ‘Mocha’.


*I don’t mean to single out this particular lingerie company, many others are guilty of similar things.

Other partcipating bloggers below, anyone else wanting to participate, feel free, get snapping and send a link 🙂

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Bras and body image

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