Double Debenhams Review, 30FF

Debenhams: A huge UK department store, boasting a brilliant lingerie department that stocks all the great DD+ brands, as well as their own brand ‘Gorgeous’. And Gorgeous it is indeed. Stocking a huge size range from 28-48 A-K, they cater to a lot of women.

I was sent the Navy Spotted Plunge and Blue Floral Non-Padded Plunge for review purposes, both in 30FF, and I must say I’m impressed. One of the main draws of debenhams bras for me is their price point, I can pick up a bra for £20 or under, the matching bottoms for £6 or so, it’s rare to find good quality lingerie this affordable in my size range.

Firstly, the Navy Spotted Plunge


This is a 3-part cup plunge, with a 2 hook fastening and fully adjustable straps. I find the band and cups to run true to size, and the wires a little wide on me. I wasn’t expecting to see any cleavage in this bra, but I have a subtle bit of cleavage here. Just enough to be suitable for an everyday bra, without being inappropriate (in my line of work, anyway). My only real issue here is the top of the 3 part cup cutting into my boob just a little, it’s not noticeable quadboob but I think someone more balanced-full on bottom would get the best fit in this bra.

Blue Floral Non-Padded Plunge


This is almost the same shape as the above, only without the foam padding/lining. My only issue with this is that it slightly highlights my asymmetry, you can see some wrinkling of the cup on smaller boob, but this isn’t a real issue to me. There is slightly less cleavage, but this is expected with an unpadded bra, and I’m impressed that I get any kind of cleavage at all. The main difference that I can see is the top panel on this bra is larger than the one on the padded bra, meaning that the cup is more open on top and more suited to my full on top shape.

This bra is my favourite of the two, mostly down to the shape, and feeling more comfortable in this one. I actually found this so comfortable that I slept in it, something i have difficulty doing in underwired bras. The pattern is very great too, I’m not usually a fan of florals but this is very cutesy and I love the blue/white combination.

The matching shorts (I got a UK10 and they fit great) are comfy too, very soft and stretchy, flattering on my curvy(ish) bum.



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