An Open Letter to Full Bust Brands

Dear Full Bust Brands:

I’m talking to you Curvy Kate, Panache, Parfait, Tutti Rouge, etc….

I really love your bras. Seriously, all of your bras.

But did you know that I can’t even get the matching panties to go with your gorgeous bra sets?

I know. I know. It’s not your fault that I carry most of my weight in my boobs and tummy area. But I feel as though if I can wear your bras (in 38 and 40 bands), that I should be able to get the gorgeous matching panties.

But stopping your panties at a US size 16 or 18? That’s not going to cover my bottom. I need at least a 20 or a 22 to cover these lady bits.

Won’t you please consider expanding the size range of your panties?

Plus size and full busted Nicole

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Full Bust Brands

  1. I can’t get the panties either. Size 8 is usually sold out, and often too large, and if it’s not too large they forgot to take into account that my bum sticks out at the back, not the front. I sent back the CK panties because of that problem!!

    So: Dear Full Bust Brands
    My top is a 28E, and my bottom is the bottom equivalent of a 28E. I am sure I’m not the only one who is relatively full-busted because she’s an hourglass! Can you make me panties go go with the bras please?

    • @BusyDarling;

      Seriously! I am right there with you! Any of the panties that *technically* come in my size are cut way too short and are rather indecent on me! I tried Sculptresse (which is Panache’s plus size line) and I was appalled by the fit!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I’m top-heavy, so sizing isn’t my gripe although I do tend to be toward the top of the size range so I can see how limited it is. What I have a problem with is the fabrics. I simply cannot wear all these non-natural fabrics, and I’m clearly not alone in that:

    If companies wonder why they don’t sell that many panties compared to bras, these are the reasons: price, fabric, and sizing.

    • @AE

      I really wish companies would listen more. When I was considering opening up a lingerie boutique, I learned how insane the overhead is on panties. But then, when you think about it, it wouldn’t cost companies so much to make and whole sale panties if there was more of a demand for them. So, maybe they should focus on increasing demand?

      Also, I hear you on the fabrics. I stick to 100% cotton underwear, and some of the matching panties for these bras just look completely non-breathable.

      • Yup, cotton with a bit of elastic in the waistband is what I wear. I’d also be happy with bamboo (my socks are bamboo, and I like it a lot). The only reason I can imagine that anyone would buy matching would be if it was for ‘show’ and not for daily wear. But for me they’re too expensive for that for me, especially given that my partner isn’t interested in lingerie.

        The fact that I don’t buy matching underwear now doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it if it were practical (for me this means dark colors, natural fabrics and a comfortable cut) and not too much more expensive than my non-matching underwear (so, about $10 a pair). I’m not opposed to the idea of matching, only the current implementation.

  3. Exactly! Even with a fuller bust, my torso is overall pear shaped. The net effect is that although I wear 32 or 34 bands, I’m also sized out of the matching panties. I definitely want to purchase them (though it’s probably not practical for every single bra) — but it doesn’t make sense to right now, when I know I’m physically not going to be able to slide them over my bum.

  4. Hear, hear! I feel the same way about the fuller cut bottoms…I fit in anywhere from an 18-24 pant and CK’s panties run WAY too small. Even their 3X didn’t work…and don’t get me started on Panache’s panties. As much as I loved Andorra, I could never get in their matching shorts, which made me sad because they were so pretty. I’m also with you on the Sculptresse thing – why were those bottoms cut so low?!?

  5. I have always been afraid to try the matching panties… My issue is that I’m a 32-34 band. I wear a size 14-16 in US pants. But I am hippy. I once bought some Lane Bryant panties and was appalled… they fit my hips but bagged at my waist… and they weren’t high cut. I also end up with issues because the majority of my hip measurement is in my butt, so I always have rise issues. Those cotton gussets don’t do much when they get hauled back so far in an effort to cover my butt up.

    I stick to cheap cotton undies but I am so close to leaning how to sew them myself.

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