Gossard Egoboost Plunge, 30F

I’ve been looking to try the Gossard Egoboost plunge ever since I tried the strapless version (review here) and finally found it on sale at asos. I bought this in 30F, as I’d heard that the cups run a bit big.

This bra is famed for it’s cleavage-giving powers, and has push up pads on the inside. I think this is great, it’s very rare to find a push up bra in my size and I do kind of miss the extra boost from when I used to wear 32D push ups.


The cups and band seem to fit quite true to size, which contradicts what I had heard, however different colours of the same bra do often fit differently. The straps are fully adjustable, and comfortable, the wires are on the wider side. The sides of the bra are a smoothing material and quite thick, which is great, but I dislike the strappy fastening at the back, and I feel like this bra would have benefitted from a wide band all the way around and maybe a 3 hook closure. I can see the aesthetic appeal of this fastening though.


From the front: Cleavage! I can’t argue with that. The cleavage looks great, and the cups dip enough for it to be shown off with a v-neck top.


From the side: You can see the cups are a little small, and the shape is very defined by the padding on the inside. This is not quite quadboob, but a massive incompatibility between my boob shape and the bra, there is a little bit of empty space at the apex of the cup inside.


From above: this is where you can really see how ‘off’ the shape is for me. The apex of the cups is further down and further apart than the natural apex of my boob, which just creates a strange look. I don’t think this can be fixed with sizing.

This bra was such a disappointment for me, I really wanted it to work. It would probably work for someone with a more wide set, full on bottom shape than me, but I’m sadly going to have to send this one back.


2 thoughts on “Gossard Egoboost Plunge, 30F

  1. Thank you, I was considering this one for myself since I wore Gossard for 10 years and that bra was stunning on me. But it obviously will have much too little room in the front to work for me. I guess I’m stuck with Deco 😀

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