My Visit to Victoria’s Secret

This summer, I visited the USA for 3 weeks, and so I just had to visit the biggest lingerie store in the country; Victoria’s Secret. I’ve heard some real horror stories about their fitting services, examples from bratabase and Boosaurus, and their very limited size range, as they seem to be the go-to place for women to buy bras in the USA.

I went to a store in Orlando to get a fitting, although there seemed to be at least one in every mall I went to, and they’re all very similar in layout and stock.

My Fitting

So I didn’t have high expectations for my VS ‘size’, using a tape measure and the guide on their website I get 30C or 32B, which is way too small in volume. I found a fitter and asked to be measured, she first asked me what size I was wearing, I feigned ignorance and said I was used to UK sizing and I’m not sure. I was asked what kind of bra I was currently wearing and was there any padding, I was wearing my masquerade rhea, no padding. She first measured my band around my overbust tightly, and commented that I had a small ribcage (my overbust is 31″ish), clarified that my bra had no padding or push up at all (this annoyed me a little, we’ve establised I’m not wearing a push up bra, move on), then measured my underbust, and reported that I was a 32 band. Measuring around my bust, she held the tape measure very loosely and measured a C cup, I admit I wanted to laugh a little when she brought me a 32C bra to try on.

The offending bra:

IMG_2297 (copy)

I pressed the buzzer in the fitting room, and then opened the door for the fitter when she knocked. She raised her eyebrows and commented that the cups were overflowing… a lot.  She asked if the band was too tight (it was fastened on the tightest hook) and commented that it looked okay as it was sat parallel to the floor. Next try, 32DD.

IMG_2299 (copy)

Still overflowing in the cup, she again asked if I’m sure the band isn’t too tight. I stand my ground about the band being okay, and she goes to bring me a DDD cup, being used to UK sizing I have never really encountered a DDD before, but the fitter is reassuring and told me not to freak out.

IMG_2301 (copy) IMG_2300 (copy)

32DDD is my ‘size’, or a 34DD for more selection (I don’t think recommending a 34 band when I close my 32 on the tightest hook is very good practice, but she was right… there was more selection)

Okay, so the fit is not quite right; the straps are too long hiding what would be quadboob, the cups are overflowing just a little, the gore is ever so slightly raised, and the band is too big. But it isn’t awful, and it’s much better than what I was expecting. If I was looking for a special ocassion or date bra, I would be willing to wear this size. I did have a look around the store for a pretty bra but  there seemed to be only this plain black ‘body’ that they had in stock in 32DDD unfortunately.

In Store:

I’m a sucker for bra-tops, longlines, bralettes and everything in between, this ‘Lacie Bralette’ in lime really caught my eye.


I didn’t end up purchasing one, I toyed with the idea of a size L but it still looked a little small in the boob-coverage for me.

Push up bras, I kind of want one, I am a sucker for cleavage. The ‘Bombshell’ multiway looked great in the black mesh/fishnet, and perfect for under my halterneck polka dot swing dress.


Alas, only available up to DD cup, and I am not comfortable enough in a 34DD to spend my money on this.

So there you have it, I was more impressed by Victoria’s Secret than I expected to be, but still somewhat underwhelmed by their size range and fitting techniques.


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4 thoughts on “My Visit to Victoria’s Secret

    • I must have missed yours! I added it now 🙂

      I’m thinking I got really lucky with my fitter, I really feel for girls who don’t know any better and think this is how a bra should fit, uncomfortably!

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! My store is only located a few scant miles from VS, and I wasn’t sure I’d get the real experience myself. I’m shocked you found DDDs in your store though as ours had nearly all the DDs hidden in drawers. Some women say the quality of experience and selection varies greatly from store to store, so that would be an interesting thing to compare.

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