Corset Crazy

Last year, I had the chance to try a corset for the first time at the Ohio ren fest, and since then, I have really wanted to try a corset again and maybe make a purchase.

Fast forward to this year. I went to the ren fest a couple weeks ago and got to try this corset:


check out for similar corsets


I really loved the look of it, but I felt like it was a little too long for my torso (it was kind of sitting on my boobs), and I wanted more of a dramatic effect (and it was $325). I turned to my fellow boob bloggers and talked about different places to order corsets from and Caroline over at Curvy Wordy mentioned Orchard Corsets to me. I instantly fell in love with their selection and decided to try their longline under bust corset first.



with Elomi ‘Eva’ bra; Longline underbust corset, size 40 in Maroon; $74.00



With Parfait “Charlotte” review forthcoming…

I love the way that the hips are gored on this one, and it gives such a dramatic shape. Orchard Corset utilizes a 3 silhouette level to classify their corsets by the type of shape that they will give. This under bust is a level 3 to provide the most dramatic shape….and I think we can agree that it does! I love that it comes up high on the back, which smoothes everything out very nicely.

As much as I loved it, I wanted to make sure that one of the other styles wasn’t a better fit for me. The top of this corset ever so slightly dug into my boobs, so I wanted to try the regular length under bust corset



While this is the same shape and silhouette level as the longline under bust, I have to admit, I was rather underwhelmed by this corset. I’m not sure if it’s because it doesn’t come as far down on my hips or what, but I’m not in love with it. Also, because it is shorter length in the back, there’s a major back roll. No bueno. 

The next corset started as an experiment, at least in my mind. I wanted to try an over bust corset. Could an off the rack corset contain my sweater puppies?!


Over bust corset, size 40, in green satin



Swoon. I LOVE this color, and I love the shape. Are my boobs somewhat precariously placed in this corset? Yes. Do I care? Hell no. It is an amazing feeling to feel as though your boobs are floating. That’s what this feels like. The weight of my large breasts is taken on by the structured corset. Seriously. Best feeling ever. Also, it has a decent enough height in the back so that it isn’t cutting in to fleshy tissue. Just an FYI, Orchard Corset says that this will work for up to a DD cup. Well, my JJ cups are definitely pushing the barrier here.

Keep in mind that these corsets are done up by me and are on the first wear. You should always season a corset; meaning gradually get it used to your body before you lace it tightly on your body. As a corset molds to your body, you’ll be able to see more waist reduction.

Even though these aren’t seasoned, I am getting pretty good shaping in these corsets.

My real motivation behind wanting to get a wellfitting corset is so that I can do a steampunk costume for Halloween this year 😀 But anyways….overall, I highly recommend Orchard Corset for superb quality off the rack, steel boned corsets at an amazing price (they range from $59-99). Free shipping (that comes within two days of your order) tops off a great customer service experience. The only thing I don’t like? Having to pay return shipping. But they have a generous 30-day return policy, which I think is an important part of really figuring out which corset will work for you, especially because you may find that after your body gets used to the corset and vice versa, you may need to go down a size to get the best results. I am definitely returning the regular under bust corset – even though I love the color – and am going to ruminate about the other two as long as I can.

I’m not big on shapewear and would not wear a corset on a daily basis, but I think I am corset crazy. I’ve got the fever 🙂 Now to convince my husband that I need to keep two of these….

What about you? Have you tried a corset before? If not, do you ever think you would? 



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