(I) Love Claudette

Unfortunately for me, Claudette is a brand that I have only recently tried/discovered, unfortunate because I LOVE them and wish I’d been buying them for years. I had never thought to try the (arguably) most popular model the ‘dessous’, because I hate 3 part cups. Freya put me off them forever, and I didn’t think there was any hope for reconciliation. When I ordered one from asos’s sale on the recommendation of my boob shape twin Petite & Plentiful, I had already resigned myself to trying it, reviewing it, returning it. Boy was I wrong, angels sang when I put that bra on, I bought 2 more, I haven’t worn much else since.

First up: Dessous in Peony Limeade, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.10

This is a gorgeous pastel-pale pink, with a bright, luminous yellow trim. The pink works really well as a nude for me, much better than any beige tone bras. The straps are thick and sturdy, although they are quite long and I have to tighten them a lot. The band is thick and supportive even with the mesh fabric, and fastens with a 3 hook fastening. The cups feel quite true to size for me, I get a little wrinkling at the top of the cup especially on my smaller boob, but I discovered that going down a cupsize is too small. The side wings come down low compared to a lot of bras in this size, great for those of us with petite frames, and it saves my underarms from possibly painful chafing. The only complaint I have about these is that the edging does sometimes pinch at the underarm when I’m doing some sort of strenuous activity.

The shape is very natural compared to the Freya Deco or Masquerade Rhea that I usually wear, it provides support with just a little uplift. The wires are narrow, U shaped, and fit me quite perfectly.

Second purchase: Dessous in Leopard and black, 30F


The other two bras I have are the same style and fit as the peony limeade, only in different colours.

I had to get a 30F in this, because that’s all I could locate in the UK (I’ll come back to this later). It seems to fit okay, but it is just a little small, I get a little quadboob and my boob feels a bit ‘squashed in’ to the cup. But there’s no way I’m parting with this, the sheerness of the cup makes the leopard print a little less ‘in your face’ which is why I usually shy away from it, and it’s subtly sexy.

My latest addition: Neon Dessous in green, 30FF

Photo on 13-09-2013 at 16.07

I can’t show you in photos just how BRIGHT this bra is, it is luminous, it could stop traffic at night. I like how it shows through thin shirts, letting me add a little bit of quirk to any outfit.

My future additions:

Cyber Yellow Dessous SS13


Fishnet Double cup bra AW13


Longline Dessous for SS14



I bought these bras in 30 bands, because that’s all I could get my hands on, but claudette do make 28 bands, and if I’m going to buy these bras full price this season I want it to be in my actual size, not a sister size. No UK retailers as of yet stock Claudette in this size, and very few even stock in my sister size, and I can’t order from the USA because of sky high customs/import charges. Petite & Plentiful has started a campaign, asking UK retailers to pick up the 28 bands, and I really do think there is demand for it. If you like claudette and wear a 28 band, tell retailers, there is a template email in the campaign post, and hopefully we can influence some stockists. Lingerie insight also got in on the action with an article about the campaign here.

8 thoughts on “(I) Love Claudette

  1. I love the look of Claudette but haven’t had a chance to try one because of the sizing in the UK. I could wear a 30F/FF like you, but I’ve heard the bands run a little big as they are, and I’m a definite 28FF/G (if not 26, but never had the chance to try!). So I’m definitely onto this! I’ve already tweeted a bit about it, but will be sending out some emails too. I really really hope they get some UK stockists for 28 bands because I would so love to try one!

    • They are stretchy bands 😦 I could really do with a 28. The way I see it, I really like them, so I’ll comprimise at a sister size as long as it’s on sale. For full price, I want a 28G.

      Have you had a look at Made In Preston? They’re launching 26 bands soon 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you like Claudette, it’s a shining light on the North American full bust landscape. We’ve carried them for 2 years and picked up their 28 bands last season when they launched. They’ve been a huge success. The AW14 range has been manufactured under tighter regulations and I expect the bands will be tighter. We’ll have the tomato soup and chinchilla in 28 bands and I hope other retailers recognize that they have customers in need of 28 bands too. xx

  3. Wish these came in my size. They are lovely.The green is amazing. For anyone sized out of these, you could try to find an Elomi Maggie(discontinued). I just bought a few(36J) and though they are a bandless style. The fit and materials are “similar” to this on me.

  4. I have the dessous mesh turquoise too and I love it. Although personally I find the band quite tight, had to have my boyfriend put it on me the first time cause I wasn’t strong enough! It has since relaxed a bit though, thankfully.

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