The Comexim saga part I

I must apologise for the lack of posts the past few weeks, it’s been a hectic time for me.

In that time, though, I decided to re-visit Comexim, a Polish company who makes bras with very narrow wires, narrower than Ewa Michalak. I once, a long time ago, tried a Green Velvet bra of theirs in a 65H, but found it just fit me awfully, it was too big all over and the shape was wrong. I have since then, had some shape and size changes and find I can wear 3-part cups more easily now, so it’s worth another go. I found a cheap bra of theirs to try, a Simone in 60H (I’ll come back to sizing), Simone is a sheer(ish) purple balconette shape with gorgeous embroidery on it. The wires are very narrow, as expected, and the band fits like a firm 28, the straps are in a perfect place, they are in no way wide set, fully adjustable, and the cups have plenty of depth in the bottom.


Gore not tacking


Slight digging in across the top

Image measurements from bratabase

But it didn’t fit, the cups dug in across the top and the gore didn’t tack, because the cups were about 1 size too small. From this, I would estimate 60HH to be my best size.

So, on facebook I happened across a 65H Comexim bikini top, this one is the Haiti and quite different to the Simone as it is padded. The cups on this one feel deeper than it’s unpadded counterpart, the plunge-balcony shape is more pronounced, and the wires are just ever so slightly narrower. The straps are still perfectly placed and fully adjustable, the band is a firm 30, until I altered it down to a 28.

This is just a bit too big on my smaller boob, but probably the best fit for me overall in the cups.

Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31 #2

Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31 #3


Photo on 11-10-2013 at 13.31

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 16.35.41

measurements from bratabase

Next order:

I placed an order for the Paradise in 60HH, which I did by emailing Comexim directly and using google translator to ask them for what I wanted in polish. This seems to have gone well, and I’m expecting the bra in a couple of weeks. Look out for part II of my Comexim saga 😉

Comexim Sizing:

I’ve heard different things about converting from EU sizing to UK, so I’m going to explain it as I understand it.


Comexim use cm to describe the bands, and they have the +4 measurement built into this. SO, although 60cm =/= 28″, the bands will be roughly equivalent. 60=28, 65=30, 70=32 etc…


There is only one double letter in the EU alphabet, HH, to replace I cup. So the progression:


So far, I have found this to be about right for me.

*I have just used the cup range that Comexim use on their website, this is by no means all the cup sizes that exist.

4 thoughts on “The Comexim saga part I

    • I doubt it! It’s in Polish and it’s just a few letters and numbers so I can’t really make anything out.

      I wore it for 3/4 hours and it was comfortable, but seeing as it’s a bikini top I haven’t had a full day out of it yet. I assume it will be 🙂

  1. Hello,
    What did you do with the Simone since the cups were too small? Woukd you sell it to me? I’ve had problems getting replies from Anna, even though I translated to Polish.
    I think someone measured the cup width incorrectly for Bratabase, because 5.7″ is far away from the usual measurements of Polish bras in this size (around 5″). You say the wires are narrow. If you did not enter the 5.7″, could you please remeasure it?

    • I sold it a few weeks ago, the wires are definitely wider in the unpadded styles than the padded styles though so keep that in mine 🙂

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