Freya Deco Half-Cup review

Being a long-time fan of the deco plunge, I finally got to try the deco half-cup after snagging a deal on ebay. Similar to the plunge in that it has moulded cups, but a higher gore and more of a balcony shape, with push up pads in the bottom for that ‘cakes on a plate’ cleavage. Unfortunately, this is only available up to F cup, I tried it in 30F in both the beige and black.


The band fits big, I had to alter it down quite a bit to get a snug enough fit, the cups fit a bit small, but I think they are open enough on top for some discretion on fit with how much coverage/cleavage is wanted. For example, this is too small in the cup for me as I have spillage, but as I only get slight quadboob which isn’t obvious under clothes, I wouldn’t like a bigger cup because I like the cleavage it gives, making it a great ‘night out’ or special occasion bra for me. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a too-small-in-the-cup bra for everyday usage. 

The shape is lifted, not as round as the deco plunge (but I don’t know of a bra that is) The wires are typical of Freya, which I would describe as average-narrow. The look; bow in the middle and on the straps, colour scheme and the fully adjustable straps are all identical to the deco plunge. 


As you can see in the picture, I seem to get better cleavage in the beige version. I can’t say that it runs smaller for sure, as I received these used so I don’t know if this is caused by stretching out or general wear, but it’s possible that it does. If anyone else has both and can attest to this, let me know!

These bras will definitely stay in my ‘to keep’ pile, the push up padding actually makes the cups very comfortable and snug, if only the band were more true to size and the size range expanded, this would be a great bra. 



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