Comexim Part II: The Paradise Review, 60HH

This is the Comexim Paradise that I ordered a couple of weeks ago, with a custom lowered gore and lowered cup heights (I asked for this in my email to them, I asked in English and used google translate to ask in Polish too, they were very good about it). It took about 2 and a half weeks from me paying for the order to arrive, which I consider to be very fast, considering the special adjustments I asked for. This is the set I got, you can see the differences between the model’s fit and mine.


As for the bra, I love it. The feather print is beautiful and really unusual, and the green edging is a bright forest-green in real life.


The wires are very narrow, the narrowest, but that’s what I expected when I ordered from comexim. Comparing to the unpadded comexim I tried in a 60H, which had wider wires than this, the wires are less bendy and feel more supportive.


The 3 part cups are not my usual choice of construction, but they work quite well. The lowering of the cup height means that the top part of the construction is smaller than it would normally be. In side profile, this gives an uplifted slightly pointy shape, but looks okay under clothes.

The band is tight, just about the right size for me stretching to 26.5″ comfortably, so if you need a true 28 band you might want to size up to a 65 in this model.

The straps are fully adjustable, and just the right thickness and length for me. I dislike heavy duty straps on my bras, but thin ones often cause shoulder pain, I’ve found that the sweet spot is about 0.5″ in my size and these measure exactly that.

The cups are not as deep as the 65H bikini I tried, possibly due to the custom gore and cup height. Being shallow, this works great for me. The shape is very uplifted and I get the ‘my boobs are floating!’ feel from this bra, very supported. The lowered gore and cups make this more of a plunge than the traditional comexim style, and works better for me. It feels like this custom design has taken some volume out of the cups, it definitely fits smaller than the standard style 65H. Sizing-wise, I’d say that the standard 65H fits about the same as a 30FF or small 30G, and this 60HH with adjustments fits between a 26G-GG.

The measurements are here on bratabase


The shorts fit smaller than their standard UK sizing, I would wear an XS or UK 8 in most brands, the Small in Comexim is a good fit.

Overall? I’m probably going to order from Comexim again when I get around to it. This set is great value for money, the whole order including postage cost me around £40, cheaper than a typical set from Freya or similar. The bands run tight, although 26 bands are getting some more exposure, they’re still thin on the ground so a tight 28 like this is a great find. Ordering through email was easy (just remember to check your junk box!) and the customisation option worked out brilliantly for me, finally the prints are cute, quirky and unusual.

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