Harness happiness

As a lover or strappy or bondage inspired lingerie, naturally, I love lingerie harnesses. They work as underwear, making a normal bra into something a bit special, or peeking out under clothes, and they work as outerwear too making a top or dress just that bit sexier.   Here’s the best round-up of what’s available by The Lingerie Lesbian, including two that I own. 

My first harness: Esty Lingerie’s skull choker strap-harness. This fastens around the neck like a choker strap, but instead of attaching to my bra it fits around my under bust making it more of a harness. I love the little skull embellishment, and Esty has them in choker straps in a few different colours here, at a great price for those of us on a budget. 




Special mention: my Etsy choker strap, not quite a harness but along the same lines of bondage-inspired lingerie customisation, mine has a little dragonfly embellishment but there are lots to choose from including plain ones. It has an adjustable loop, which opens, slots over your bra and tightens again to stay in place in the middle. The neck fastens with a bra-strap style closure. I love to wear this with anything, even just a  simple white t shirt and jeans feels exciting with this underneath.

ImageImageMy second harness: My Pentagram harness from The Lost Keys on Etsy, and was also a great bargain buy. I was asked for measurements when buying this, which I thought was a great touch and it fits my shoulders, under bust and over bust perfectly. This also means that women with non-average bust sizes can wear this without worrying about the fit too much. I chose to have studs on the points of the pentagram, although there were options for roses or plain, more customisation which I love. I like how strappy this one is, and it feels really bondage inspired, and very sexy in my opinion.


My latest harness: The Lidia Harness by Karolina Laskowska, in a size small. This is a designer I cannot express enough love for, and one day I will own most of her collection. I was able to get this one due to a discount code, and I am so glad that I did. It is the best quality of all my harnesses, it feels so comfortable and soft to wear next to my skin. The adjusters on both sides to make it symmetrical is more aesthetically pleasing to me than just one adjuster, and make this my favourite harness so far.  This fastens at the back with a bra hook, the website says Small is to fit a 32 band but it fits great on me at 26.5″ ribcage, so don’t hesitate due to the sizing. 




My wish list!

The Maja Harness by Hopeless Lingerie, those shoulder straps! I swoon!



Esty Lingerie Black and White Choker Body Harness: Embellishment, thick straps, triangular, unusual colour for a harness? You got me.



The Creepy Yeha’s ‘Ravish Me’ set: This is more than the average harness, maybe not strictly a harness and more of a bra but it belongs here anyway, this is intense and full on bondage inspired and I am absolutely in love with it. 



If you’ve tried any of these or any other harnesses let me know your thought, or if you can think of any more I should be lusting over, link me!


4 thoughts on “Harness happiness

  1. To be honest I have never tried a harness before…but I like the idea! However, I think I would start with the “Etsy choker strap” first. How comfortable are some of the more strappy harnesses (Lidia harness) – would you consider wearing during the day?

    • I do wear them during the day, and very comfortable! Definitely start with the choker strap though, to see how comfortable you are with the feeling of the elastic around your neck, it doesn’t bother me but I imagine it could be strange for some people.

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