Mimi Holliday’s Blue Lagoon Maxi Balcony in 28FF

Yes, I am a 28FF again, weight fluctuations have done a number on my bra collection over the past few months but fingers crossed for my size being settled now.

Firstly, this bra is gorgeous. The 3 part cups are all white lace, with a thinner layer underneath, the front of the band has a chiffon blue and white polka dot pattern, the rest of the band and straps are all white with navy bows on the straps. The ‘Mimi Holliday’ print on the back of the band and straps is a really nice touch too.

Photo on 08-11-2013 at 23.48

I haven’t had any luck with Mimi Holliday in the past, the Super Padded plunge was too shallow for even me, and the balcony bra I tried had a floating gore, no matter what size I tried. But this one fits! The cups are perfect and the gore tacks tightly to my chest. The band runs true to size stretching to just over 28″, it’s a thick band (only a 2 hook fastening, but the hooks are widely spaced) so it can work for smaller ribcages quite well, and feels firm. The wires are narrow, at about 5″ in width this is great for us that need narrow wires, and the narrowest I’ve tried apart from Comexim.

The straps are not fully adjustable, which usually is a no-no for me, but these straps are short so those needing long straps might want to think twice about this bra. The front is made from a white satin, which I was worried might slip off my shoulder but I haven’t had this problem whilst wearing it.

The shape reminds me a little of Cleo, it’s very uplifted front and centre, and surprisingly supportive for lace cups.

The side shape is where my issue with this bra comes in, I have never experienced this before but it is slightly downwards pointing on me. This only bothers me when I’m sans-clothes, or wearing a very tight fitting top, It’s not extreme enough to cause a problem for me under my normal clothes.

Photo on 08-11-2013 at 23.49

Overall? I like this bra a lot. I had all but given up on Mimi Holliday until I happened across this one, and I now want to give their comfort bras a try. They look less supportive than this style due to the single seamed cups, but just as gorgeous and I’m lacking a ‘chilling around the house’ bra right now.

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