Why I’ve Chosen Not to Blog Lately

If anyone has been paying attention, I haven’t posted since early September. My goal was to do fit and active September and I dropped a major ball on that one. Basically, I’ve had lots of things I’ve wanted to write about but just didn’t have enough time or motivation to do so. 

My soap business has taken off a bit, work has been really busy, and my second master’s has been eating up any free time that I have. Plus, I haven’t really bought any new bras in a long time. Oh and did I mention that I have gained weight and don’t feel so great about my body? 

Anyways, I recently purchased a Ewa Michalak PL Charlie (GORGEOUS) and will hopefully be reviewing this soon. Here’s a quick snap of the beauty: 


This is a 95J (42J)


Also, if you want to get super angry at Polish people for being really rude to lots of British and American bra bloggers, check out this thread: http://balkonetka.pl/forum/glebsze-i-plytsze-rozmowy-o-zyciu/2012/4/5/potwory-internetu/20#


Until next time lovely readers,


9 thoughts on “Why I’ve Chosen Not to Blog Lately

  1. I miss your bra reviews. I determine if a bra is worth ordering and trying out based on your review of it. But I understand your situation. Hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Oh don’t be sad about some little weight gain, you still look stunning! There are us who don’t mind if you’re big or small, and know that size doesn’t matter, the most important thing is your heart! I have missed your bra reviews also, for you are the only bra blogger near the size of my beloved one, all the other bloggers have like 28 backs or something, so there’s no way seeing how they’d work in 40-42″, most bras are not even available in those sizes!

    Happy for your business to go well!

    Oh and by the way the EM looks wonderful!

  3. Ladies, as a regular Balkonetka.pl user, I can understand why some of you, and especially the author of this blog, are offended. If I were FussyBusty, I would be hurt.

    Yet, two small remarks – if you don’t like what’s written there, just reply to some of the comments. English is not Chinese. Almost all the Balkonetka users know it. Direct conversation is always better than using a translator. And believe me, ladies, Google translator is really poor when it comes to dealing with Polish. And believe me, not only you, but some Balkonetka girls were angry when reading ths thread.

    So, as a Polish girl, I may get super angry, because someone is unfair to me, claiming that I am super rude and (quoting here) make someone sick.

    Secondly – I believe the Balkonetka catalogue is a useful source of inspiration. Polish bras are designed in a bit different way than some of the British bras. They are supposed to be low-cut and offer maximum cleavage. Our full-cups are like your balconettes, and balconnetes like your half-cups. Obviously, you can fit your bras in any way you wish, as long, as you are comfortable with that:). However, take a look at how Polish girls fit Polish bras:). And, don’t pay attention to the no. of stars awarded, but the actual reviews and comments. Take a look at Ewa Michalak’s site and her Facebook fanpage. I believe the designer herself knows the best how her bras should be fitted:).

  4. Nicole, please take into account that if you don’t know Polish well, you cannot understand what is written there. Internet translator are so far from perfect that one shouldn’t rely on them, especially to judge how rude or nice something is written.

    I’m sorry you felt that way about the said thread. Usually the discussion on balkonetka.pl is very polite, especially parts about bra-fitting. That thread was started to show photos of horrible fit presented by lingerie ads, fashion shoots etc. There were some inappropriate posts, too, but please don’t judge the whole community based on a few persons’ unfortunate choice of words. And please don’t rely on a computer program to translate.

    Our forum is not a place to be rude or hate on anyone, whatever your impression after reading that thread is. However, our way of moderating discussion may be different of what you are used to. I could have removed those posts, but I chose to leave them and let people rethink them instead.

    In fact a lot of balkonetka’s users like English-speaking bloggers and are eager to help foreign users.

    Pierz, one of Balkonetka’s forum moderators.

  5. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx!

    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

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